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    Different feet position

    As I return to drumming after an almost decade long break I've started from the beginning. Doing starter exercises, rudiments, the metronome the whole nine yards. As I re-incorporated my double kick pedal I notice my feet are comfortable in different positions on the different pedals. I use a DW...
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    Music Row NYC , I miss it.

    When I first started playing back in the 70’s my family moved to North Jersey ( Newark area ) 20 minutes from NYC where I’m originally from. In Manhattan between 6fh and 7 th Ave on 48th st was what was called “Music row” like the garment district, meat packing district, diamond center or the...
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    Back after 8 years.......Wow

    Life can be funny sometimes. I have been unable to any real extent play at all these last 8 years. l’m 57 and have been playing on and off since my teens. I’ve had several long gaps in my Drumming but I always come back to my true love ....... the Drums. I can’t have a set where I’m at but I...