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  1. stillgroovin

    Gretsch Free Floating Snare

    Does anyone have any experience tuning one of these?? I have a 14in freefloater and I'm not sure I'm tuning it correctly.
  2. stillgroovin

    Kudos to the folks at EVANS

    Recently, I had a problem with a new Evans 360 G2. I went to practice one day and it was dead as a door knob!! No amount of tuning up or down changed the thud. I contacted the customer service guys at Evans and after sending them a few photos of the head so they could identify the serial number...
  3. stillgroovin

    My new Gretsch Free floating snare

    Thought I would share the newest addition!! Love this snare! and it came with a custom Gretsch case!!! Gretsch Free floating snare in brass and maple. Evans genera dry head on the batter and a hazy 300 on the snare side. Puresound wires round it out and it sounds awesome!!
  4. stillgroovin

    Like a Virgin- A Gretsch Transformation

    I decided that since I couldn't afford a new kit with a Virgin bass, and that I was tired of my 12in tom vibrating every time I hit the bass drum, I would just design one!!! Here's the new look with the toms removed and the newly installed plate and it sounds awesome!!! I posted a few pics of...
  5. stillgroovin

    Need inspiration, I've hit a wall

    Im going to write this with the hope it doesn't sound like whining. I'm a self taught drummer thats been playing for over 25 years. I took a hiatius from drumming while I was in the Air Force and in the last 5 years. got back into the instrument I love hot and heavy. I bought a kit that I could...
  6. stillgroovin

    I'm hooked on CYMPAD!!!!

    So, curious me always trying new stuff....bought a set of CYMPAD optomizers and wow!!!!! They are awesome, to say the least. They do what they say, accentuate the clear cymbal note like its meant to be heard. Highly recommend!!!
  7. stillgroovin

    My new 14x7 Orange County Snare is a beast

    Just put my new Orange County vented metal snare in service!!! I changed the stock heads for an Evans ST dry batter and snare side reso plus 30 strand Puresound wires. This drum is sweet.
  8. stillgroovin

    Freddie Gruber's dies at age 84

    I just read on Twitter that Freddie Gruber passed away yesterday at age 84 We have lost another legend to heavens band. Rest in peace Freddie.
  9. stillgroovin

    Gretsch shell diameter question. HELP!!!

    I could really use an answer here. I presently own a Gretsch catalina maple kit which I have had for a few years now. It was in my price range, and for the money, it has not dissapointed me. I do have one thing that is bugging me about this kit that I have yet to get a good answer on, even from...
  10. stillgroovin

    Found my sound with EC-2 sst heads

    Having tried a lot of the conventional head combinations with my Maple toms, G1 over G1 G2 over G1, G2 over Evans Reso, I finally found my sound. I have been playing G1 coated over G Plus as reso heads for some time and liked the sound, however there was still too much ring for my taste and I...
  11. stillgroovin

    TAMA kit just blew me away.

    I visited my newly opened Guitar Center store yesterday and they had a new TAMA Silverstar birbh kit on diaplay. First of all, the walnut finish in a matt laquer just dropped me to my knees. It was just gorgeous!. Then I sat behind this kit and was totally blown away by the sound. Not only were...
  12. stillgroovin

    What is the best Paiste cymbal for Jazz?

    If you were going to buy a cymbal for jazz in the Paiste line what would it be? Most jazz drummers i have seen play the Zildjan K custom dry ride, which in my opinion sounds sweet. However I own all Paiste cymbals and dont want to change. Thoughts?
  13. stillgroovin

    Undersize Gretsch shells

    I may be obsessing over this but I have never been able to recieve a straight answer to this question. Why are Gretsch Catalina Maple shells undersize? Mine are all 1/4 in smaller in diameter. Is there a specfic reason that they do this?. I cant believe that this is some kind of manufacturing...
  14. stillgroovin

    Help posting pictures.

    Hi all, I want to post pictures of my kit but when I take them and transfer them to the computer the pixel size is too large. I need 1200x1200 for this site and mine are too large. How do I resize them? I have posted pictures before and didn't have an issue until now Is it the camera?
  15. stillgroovin

    Finally got my Gretsch add on tom

    It was a long 6 months but my 8in Cat Maple tom finally came today!!!! I found some things that I felt did not add up to Gretsch quality and thought I would share them. First of all the triple flange hoops were not flat at all!!! took about 45 minutes to correct that problem. The shell itself...
  16. stillgroovin

    New snares om my Gretsch, WOW!

    I have a 14x6 in new classic snare drum that has never sounded quite right. Now don't get me wrong, it always sounded good, but never how I thought it should. The drum had 20 strand puresound snares and a Evans hazy 300 reso. Originally I was using an Evans Genera dry batter but that just made...
  17. stillgroovin

    Jeff Porcaro fans, check this out!!!

    The other day I decided to dust off and play an album by Michael McDonald from the mid 80' called No Lookin' Back. Turns out Jeff Porcaro did most of the drums on that LP but the one that was the point of this post was song #5 "Any Foolish Thing". The groove is the CLASSIC Porcaro Shuffle...
  18. stillgroovin

    I may have a problem with my rims.

    I just had a fellow drummer tell me that my rims are too big for the drum shell. True, you can see a small gap between the shell and the rim but does this mean my drums have a major issue? How close a fit should there be here? I have a Cat maple kit that I love but now if there is a defect, it's...
  19. stillgroovin

    What is going on with Gretsch

    WOW, I ordered an 8" add on tom for my Gretsch Cat maples 3 weeks ago. Today I recieved an E-mail telling me that I wont be getting the tom until the end of SEPTEMBER due to backorder. WTF! This is no way to keep loyal customers like me. I would understand if I had ordered a custom made kit...
  20. stillgroovin

    GRETSCH add-on Toms

    Has anyone purchased any of the new add on Catalina Maple toms being offered by Gretsch? I would like to buy the 8" tom and was wondering about the quality. I know they're Gretsch quality and I love my Cat Maples but I heard that some people have been recieving toms with rims that don't fit...