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  1. WalterKohn

    INDe Brass Strainer for Black Beauty Brass upgrades

    I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the INDe Brass Strainer and Butt plate. I tried google images and it returned nothing. Also INDe's website does not have an image of the Brass Strainer. I ordered a bunch of brass upgrades from Drum Factory Direct for my Black Beauty and the only...
  2. WalterKohn


    Anyway to get Drummerworld on Tapatalk?? Not sure how involved it is from a technical perspective. Not sure if this has ever been mentioned before.
  3. WalterKohn

    New Music suggestions.

    So I am looking for suggestions on new music to jam out to and learn. Could be an old or new band. I like anything that will make my head nod. Music I currently listen to and jam to: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, Blues, Soul Honestly I am open to any genre of music except for metal, not bashing...
  4. WalterKohn

    Mick Jagger will have a son younger than his great grandchild...

    I just heard on the radio that Mick Jagger is expecting his 8th child..... LOL This dude has a great grandchild and is about to father another child... This man is the definition of "Living the Dream"
  5. WalterKohn

    6.5x14" PDP Maple/Bubinga Snare + Tube Lugs + Ego Drum Supply + Tung Oil Finish

    I got my hands on a 6.5x14" PDP Maple/Bubinga Snare about a month ago. It was part of a trade for some gear I no longer used. I was going to sell it but my toddler seemed to love it. So I figured I would fix some issues that I didn't like and save it for him as his first snare drum! I...
  6. WalterKohn

    How to make a "Natural Matte Finish" shiny??

    I have a 6.5x14" PDP Maple Bubinga snare that I got off of a trade for some gear. I like the snare but the finish on it is almost like a hazy white... Any idea on how to make this Natural Matte Finish shiny? I tried some car wax and it did nothing at all. I have seen pictures of the same...
  7. WalterKohn

    Opinion on size of Bass Drum Pedal

    So I am trying to work on my footwork. I am using Colin Bailey's Bass Drum Control. I have played several pedals. Mainly all DW, started with the 5000 then went to the 8000 longboard style then to the 9000. I play mainly heel down but have been learning heel up. I have read about the 9000 XF...
  8. WalterKohn

    Black Beauty finish question.

    Has anyone ever stripped the black nickel off the black beauty before so that it is just the brass finish? Does it affect the sonic qualities? I ask because I just noticed a huge gash in my BB and was contemplating on stripping the black nickel to the bare brass and letting it patina nice then...
  9. WalterKohn

    Looking for Tube Lugs with 1 3/8" spacing???

    I picked up a PDP 6.5x14" Maple/Bubinga snare as part of a trade for an old kit and I was planning on selling it but after putting new heads on and some DW True Hoops I had laying around, this thing has a nice crack. That being said I hate the lugs on the drum. I have been scouring the...
  10. WalterKohn

    Improving tom work. Looking for teacher advice.

    So I have been playing for about 5 years. Took lessons the first year or so. I learned the basics and how to read music. I can play a solid groove to just about anything. I have always been a pocket kind drummer and was never concerned with elaborate tom work or fills..... So now I want to...
  11. WalterKohn

    Started playing out again. Advice needed.

    So the past 2 weeks I have been going to an old bandmates open mic. It has been great to actually play with people and not my headphones! That being said, the host drummer who I know from my old bandmates, old band made a remark about me not being a hard hitter. So what is to hard? What is...
  12. WalterKohn

    New Kit 2015 Tama Starclassic Performer B/B!

    So I finally got my new kit set up! My wife ordered me this! I had been saving my spending money but she knew how bad I wanted this kit and for my B-day this past weekend she pulled the trigger! I ordered it from Dale's Drum shop in Harrisburg, PA. Only took 1 day with shipping to receive it...
  13. WalterKohn

    Ben Harper Relentless7 Drummer

    Anyone here ever listen to Ben Harpers & Relentless7 2009 album "White Lies for Dark Times"? The drummer on that album is phenomenal. His name is Jordan Richardson. Don't know if anyone on here has ever heard of him but I suggest anyone into Blues, Rock, Funk, or even Jazz check him out. He won...
  14. WalterKohn

    2 Mic recording with matched pair SDC

    So I purchased a matched pair of Tascam TM-PC1 condenser mics yesterday and they will be delivered today. These mics are just rebranded ISK Pearl(US) and ISK BM-88(UK). They have decent reviews and where only 84$ with shipping from B&H Photo. I want to start recording myself on my kit for a...
  15. WalterKohn

    Anywhere to buy Bubinga or Mahogany shells?

    So I am in the process of upgrading my 1st kit. I started playing drums in 2010 and bought a Catalina Maple Kit. Excellent kit for the money and when I first started I swore I need as many toms as possible. Now that I am a little seasoned I only play a 4 piece kit and don't see that changing...
  16. WalterKohn

    Spanish Castle Magic Drum Score

    Does anyone have the Drum Score for Spanish Castle Magic by Mitch Mitchell? I watched the only tutorial on Youtube for the song and this guys says the snare is on the + of 3 but when I count it looks like he is placing it on the + of 4. I believe it is in 4/4 correct me if I am wrong. If anyone...
  17. WalterKohn

    Looking for Drum Teacher in South Jersey

    If anyone knows of a good Drum Teacher in the Deptford, New Jersey area please let me know. Looking for 1 hour per week with an accredited instructor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. WalterKohn

    2013 Ludwig Black Beauty Imperial Lug Length????

    I have searched the internet for months on end, trying to figure out what size tube lugs I would need for my Black Beauty that I bought from Ludwig Factory in 2013. I have read countless posts and arguments about 2 3/16" or 2 3/8" etc, etc. I have the part number from Ludwig P-2253E, but most...
  19. WalterKohn

    Black Magic 6.5X14" "Brassified" Brass Tube Lugs or No?

    Here is my 6.5x14" "Black Magic" snare from 2010. I am "Brassifying" this becuase it is less expensive to do it to then my Black Beauty. I bought the Brass Die Cast hoops from Ludwig directly and the Tension Rods, Strainer, and Butt Plate are from DrumFactoryDirect.Com. My question is should I...
  20. WalterKohn

    Dunnett R-4L 2011/12 Model Vs 2013 Model???

    Hello to all, This is my first post, but I have used this site for reference for about 2 years. Basically I have a 6.5x14" Black Beauty which I just bought new from Guitar Center about a week ago. The stock "P-85 Strainer" busted in one session...... "Who woulda thought right.." So I looked...