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  1. Zickosdrummer

    OT Is it me or...

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the days are getting longer?
  2. Zickosdrummer

    Facebook Find

    My wife saw this on facebook and thought it was a toy drum kit as it was a small sized (12-13-14-18 and a 13 snare). She thought it would be good for our 9 year old grandson. Turns out it is a Ludwig Accent CS Combo with Zildjain ZBT cymbals and Ludwig double braced hardware. It is in...
  3. Zickosdrummer

    Be still, my pretty....

    ...soon you will be mine. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
  4. Zickosdrummer

    Ignacio Berroa

    I just attended a cllinic given by Ignacio Berroa. Quite a "tasty" drummer. The clinic was very informative and educational. He is quite a personable guy, too. Oh, and I bought a new 21" Sabian Raw Bell ride. Sweet.
  5. Zickosdrummer

    Where are you?

    Be proud of where you are. I get tired of trying to figure out from where people are posting. Post your location in your personal information. It sheds some light on your perspective in your posts. I am from Norman, Oklahoma, cultural center of the universe!
  6. Zickosdrummer

    Resurrecting a Ghost...

    ...pedal, that is. I have owned a Ghost BD pedal for 35 years and I have always thought it had a great feel and action. I like the compression spring tension. But, it has some design flaws. It is a pain in the @$$ to set up and I have thought that for 35 years. You have to stand on your head to...
  7. Zickosdrummer

    Which way does it go together?

    All right, I need to hear from some of you drum builders out there. The leg mounts on a FT usually have the wing nut on the side. If you put them on randomly it’s easy to get two wing nuts facing one way and the other facing the other way, clockwise and counter clockwise as you look down on...
  8. Zickosdrummer

    New (?) Zickos kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had intended to play a gig tonight and photograph these, but it was rescheduled till next week and I just can't wait any longer to show them off. After a lot of elbow grease in cleaning them up and new heads, here they are!!!!!!!!! This is the entry way to my house and not where I...
  9. Zickosdrummer

    Anyone know something about these drums?

    I saw these at a concert last night and I had never seen them before. Does anyone have any info about them? Sonar Force 1000. Sorry, terrible picture. Just curious.
  10. Zickosdrummer

    Zickos Referbish

    ...or, how can you miss me if I won't go away? Thank all of you who followed my "Sienfield" thread on acquiring a Zickos drum set. As I said before, it isn't new, in fact, it is in pretty grungy condition (hard to tell from the photos "out of the box). I am going to try to recondition the set...
  11. Zickosdrummer

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    Two more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Zickosdrummer

    What's with DFO?

    I know some of you guys are on both forums. I have been unable to log on now for over a day. Does anyone know what the deal is?
  13. Zickosdrummer

    Chinas, a question

    I am new to chinas and I know there is debate as to how to mount them, some say with the lip and bell up (W) and others with the lip and bell down (M). As I prefer using the "down" configuration, would you tighten the wing nut firmly or leave it loose? Leaving it loose would tend to make this...
  14. Zickosdrummer

    Cymbal Repair (maybe)

    So, (don't you just hate it when people start a sentence with "so"?) I just bought a 14" Zildjian crash from a web site that will remain e-nameless. I didn't notice till after I made my bid that the seller stated that there was a crack in it. For as little as I was going to pay for it I...
  15. Zickosdrummer

    Hi-Hat Qukestion

    I thought about putting this under drum gear/cymbals, but I thought this might be a better spot since it's not about particular cymbals but, rather taste. I already know how I feel about this but I'd like to know how others feel. Do you like your top hat cymbal tight in the clutch, slightly...
  16. Zickosdrummer

    Alert! Drums Stolen!

    When I woke up this morning, my garage door was open and my 1973 Zickos drums and my cymbals were GONE! Please be on the look out. I have filed a police report with the Norman PD, Norman, OK. If you see anything, please call 405/640-9945. Thanks.
  17. Zickosdrummer

    The Big Beat

    I don't know if anyone here had a chance to go, surely so. This was my first experience with The Big Beat. I went to the Tulsa venue held at an arena at Tulsa Union HS. Spent the whole day there. Met a lot of nice drummers and got to play with aprox 280 kits going simultaniously. A real...
  18. Zickosdrummer

    My Good Deed

    I put this here because it has to do with heads and sticks but it's more than that. Did anyone attend any Big Beat festivities Sunday, Nov. 7? I couldn't find a thread. The one I attended in Tulsa (aprox 280 drummers) was fantastic. Will post pics later in another place. Among other...
  19. Zickosdrummer

    Used drum sticks

    I think I remember reading on this site about recycling used sticks that still have some life in them by giving them to someone who couldn't afford them like a school. I tried to search for that thread but couldn't find it. Did I dream that? I found several pairs of sticks I'm not using and...
  20. Zickosdrummer

    more than drum sets

    I thought I saw a thread on this forum about percussion instruments other than drum kits:ie: Djmbes, dumbeks, bongos, congas, etc. Am I in error?