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  1. jim_gregory

    Walnut stave Free Floater

    I got a good deal on a maple Gen 2 free floater a little while back. It's a great snare. Does everything I need, tunes well all over the place. I saw a stave shell on ebay for it so I made an offer and it just arrived. I think the shell is gorgeous and has the nicest timbre to it. Very musical...
  2. jim_gregory

    Sonor cymbal / tom holder

    I want to turn my Studio kit into a 1 up one down kit. Well I have. But I want this cymbal/tom holder for the kick drum to simplify a bit. I did it with a multi clamp but would rather have this. Can ANYONE find a part number or where to get. I just want to stuff the cymbal arm into the tom mount...
  3. jim_gregory

    Close Mics or overheads?

    This is the scenario. I use a powered mixer for the entire band. Enough of everything and we always sound better with it then the house sytems. I dont know why and dont care but we use it a lot and thats that. It's mine and I aint upgrading. I set it up and run it with someone out front for a...
  4. jim_gregory

    56 Gretsch kit

    My bro's new one owner original everything calfskins and all kit. He's beginning to piss me off! Looks like the kit they used for the current bass head logo!
  5. jim_gregory

    Performing with the Flu

    I loaded the truck with drums and PA system, and made my way off to a little joint we never played before. This is after an entire day from hell in the court system and dirty tricks from cops and things no mother should see. I got the flu. Every inch of me hurts and feverish and constant nose...
  6. jim_gregory

    New Kaces HD semi ridgid drum bags

    Just got my new bags. Have had the snare bag for quite a while. These bags have semi ridgid foam all around with nice handles and shoulder straps. Very plush interiors. Love em. These bags are well worth a look. Seem like great protection. Worlds above my gator soft cases. More like a flexible...
  7. jim_gregory

    PA system. Who pays?

    I am in a cover band full of mostly old guys. 5 to be exact. I provide the jam/rehersal room. I got a powered PA for the room. Eventually we went on the road and I bring the PA. Between hardware, FOH speakers, floor monitors, stands bla bla bla I probably have about 2 grand or better in it. Plus...
  8. jim_gregory

    Abe Laboriel Jr.

    Watched the McCartney Whitehouse thing last night. Checked out Mr. Laboriel this AM in the drummer section. My GOD is this man talented. Just great. He deserves his own thread and if there wasnt one there is now. What a groove with Sir Paul and what great work with Sting. The guy is fantasic...
  9. jim_gregory

    2.3 vs 1.6 vs diecast

    I have a set of pearl sessions drums. It has 1.6mm hoops on the toms. What will 2.3mm hoops do for me? I have no problen tuning them and they sound quite good. Fantastic last gig actually. Will 2.3 hoops actually change the sound, or just make tuning easier due to being stiffer? I wonder. I...
  10. jim_gregory

    Drummers doing sound

    I play some places that have sound systems and some that don't. Seems like every place that does have a nice fancy system we get feedback and screwed up this and that. When we supply the sound I use my vintage powered mixer on a table just to my left and I run it myself. It's always good. Whats...
  11. jim_gregory

    Odery Drums Brazil

    My brothers new kit. I don't know much about them. Haven't seen them and likely won't but they are hot and he loves the sound. I think this makes kit #20 or so for him. I'm kinda jealous! A Lot. I dig the bass claws. Haven't seen that idea yet. I think the wood is teak but I've never seen so...
  12. jim_gregory

    Hardware socks?

    I recently got some new cymbal stands and other hardware. I like keeping things clean and unscratched so I made some socks for my hardware. I fit everything into the socks individually so that there is no metal on metal. Then I jam it all in my hardware case and off to the gig I go. I have not...
  13. jim_gregory

    Ed Cassidy

    This guy was in one of the best bands of the 60's and 70's and likely not many people know who he is. I'm hoping some of the old timers here know his work. And he was old then! Still playing now.
  14. jim_gregory

    Levon Helm

    Maybe he's an odd guy to use for inspiration, be he's always been mine. This video, more of a short film, is a must see for us old folks. I don't know if the young folks can get it but I'd like to think so.
  15. jim_gregory

    Vocal Mic for drummer

    I use an SM58. It seems to act too much like an overhead and when I swing it left to get it out of my face when I dont need it, it picks up the hats too much. At least I think it does. I don't know much about this sort of thing but are there mic's that may be better suited to this sort of thing...
  16. jim_gregory

    Anyone NOT want to be a pro?

    So..for my 52nd birthday I decided I wanted a drum kit. Needed the exercise for my Type II diabetes and I wanted to bang on them anyway. So got a TD3 roland kit. Then figured I could keep a beat so I set up a jam room downstairs. Guessed If I built it they would come. Added some old broken amps...
  17. jim_gregory

    Chopped down power toms!

    I got to tinkering and this is the result! Before: And after: Overhead: Whatcha think?
  18. jim_gregory

    Girl Drummers-This one is adorable

    And REALLY good. Oh to be a kid again..
  19. jim_gregory

    Pearl Drum Forum: VIRUS ALARM

    Re: pearl drummers forum registration issues Yes thanks very much and I got exactly precicely the information I was looking for. My drums were built in 97-98 and are really a kind of DX reissue. I thought they were the original DX's but the wrap didnt make sence.
  20. jim_gregory

    Pearl Drum Forum: VIRUS ALARM

    Not to be-little this fine forum which I visit every day BUT, I recently picked up an old session kit. Been trying to get on the pearl forum and it will never let me post a question and loses my user name after a day or less. So I re-register over and over but enough is enough. Multiple emails...