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  1. tizzdizz

    Practice suggestions?

    Hey guys, an old high school friend and I are going to start practicing drums together to try to get back into shape. We were in drumline together and our chops, control, etc. is pretty rusty. We figured if we practice together and challenge each other, we'll be more accountable for keeping up...
  2. tizzdizz

    A couple new toys

    Hey guys, got a new camera and some cymbals so I thought I'd post some new pictures of my kit. Gretsch Renown Maple, 8,10,12,14,22 with a 7x14 Yamaha Brass Nouveau Snare. I picked up a 6" Sabian AAX splash and an 8" Paiste accent cymbal (sounds like a mix between a splash and a zilbel). I also...