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  1. Advinghelli

    What happens if i take the wraps off my drums.

    Kind of a tangent but, my cat lives in the garage with my drums. I feel like he'd climb on the bass drum more. I saw a set of little scratches that look like he slid off and never tried to again. With bare wood he would probably be able to use his claws and mess it up, looks wise.
  2. Advinghelli

    Slipknot cancels show, drums get set on fire (article).

    Jesus knew about his "other band".
  3. Advinghelli

    What's your latest purchase?

    I got an evans calftone batter and reso heads for all my drums during cyber monday. And a hazy 300 + puresound equalizer snare wire for the snare reso. Was around $200 for everything.
  4. Advinghelli

    What's your latest purchase?

    Where did you purchase these cymbals?? That sounds like a steal!
  5. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    I was looking at my hoop and it is slightly crimped on the bottom where the pedal attaches and theres a tiny scratch where it bolts down. Hopefully that doesn't effect sound.
  6. Advinghelli

    Re-introducing myself - Hello from Boise, Idaho

    Woah, treefort music festival sounds really cool. Hopefully they have some stuff that is chill with dry drums. Neo soul, and psych sound great. Gig's and 12th fret sound like good spots to check out. Thanks for your support. Idaho has been awesome.
  7. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    That sounds about right. It is in fact a metal hoop. I use a rug so nothing moves or falls off. However, if I adjust my bass drum the double pedal does usually falls off.
  8. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    I wish I could post a photo, but I don't know what happened to it. I had it sitting on the top edge of m bass drum, it kinda fit there. It was probably less than an inch tall. I think a guard from the pedal sounds on the money though.
  9. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    Ok, thanks. Do you use one? I never knew about these.
  10. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    My drum kit came with a mysterious rubber strip. It was 3" long, 1"wide , 1" tall. It had a flat bottom and grooves on top. I believe it had something to do with the bass drum. Perhaps it went on bottom, to prevent sliding and spread its weight from the bass pedal. After a year, I have...
  11. Advinghelli

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    I have a Ludwig Accent Drive. Mine are low tuned, low resonance, alot of cotton balls, and some moon gels. My bass has AF patches, a sheet, and a pillow. I understand it's not for everybody, but I really like it. My full set of calftones will be here on friday. Maybe I'll change my tuning...
  12. Advinghelli

    Re-introducing myself - Hello from Boise, Idaho

    Idaho represent. I've been stationed at Mountain Home AFB for a year now. It's a great state. Any cool drum related places in Boise? I've been to guitar center and some pawn shops.
  13. Advinghelli

    What's your "day" job?

    I fix electronic systems on fighter jets and am pursuing a software development degree. My wife will be a nurse before I become a software developer though so... SUGAR MOMMA HERE I COME!! 😁
  14. Advinghelli

    Reducing noise to help with tinnitus

    Maple 7a sticks? Or something even lighter.
  15. Advinghelli

    I'm out of gift ideas for myself

    "Maybe a drummers helmet in case you fall off your throne?" That's hilarious. Someone, somewhere, at some time certainly did need one. Like
  16. Advinghelli

    New drummer with no musical talent what so ever.

    With about a year under my belt I'm nothing to write home about either. I use songsterr and youtube to learn and progress. YouTube has "drumless tracks". They help me calibrate my rhythm, expand genres, and most importantly are fun. Then again, I'm no expert by any means.
  17. Advinghelli

    Heads For DRY Sound

    Ended up getting a full set of calftones batter and reso, with a hazy 300 for the snare side. I got the calftone emad and eq4 for the bass. Luckily cbphoto mentioned those, they sounded great on youtube.
  18. Advinghelli

    Heads For DRY Sound

    The hydraulics are really nice. For not much more I could actually get those instead.
  19. Advinghelli

    Heads For DRY Sound

    I like my drums dryer than prison pork chops. I'm currently tuned to least resonance, cotton balled to taste, and moon gelled. I'm gonna get new heads. GC sells a pack with: 22" emad1, 10", 12", & 16" g2s, and a 14" genera dry snare batter. I would like to add ec2s for toms(g2s become the...
  20. Advinghelli

    Drumming Apps

    I use tunebot, soundbrenner, drum tune pro, and songsterr.