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    Questions about vintage American drums, Ludwig, plies, etc.

    Hello Guys! i have some questions about older drums and whatnot. you guys could tell me to google it, but i would rather ask you. this is mainly about older american drums, from the 1930's thru 1970's. from what i understand, they were made from "real" mahogany or maple/poplar/maple. did any...
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    Phillipine Mahogany drums/my set/stuff i've heard

    Hello. i hope this thread is in the right place. anyways, i have a phillipine mahogany drum set. it's a groove percussion set(made for sam ash). got it new in '98. it's a made in taiwan cheap clone of a pearl export. i got it because it was a 5 piece(2 up, 1 down) and i liked the silver wrap...
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    Big name pro drummers should do this...

    but they never would. they should release private audio recordings of themselves, jamming by themselves on drums. i'm sure neil peart or whoever have awesome tapes they recorded at their homes or whatever. but nobody but drummers would be interested in hearing them and these guys probably...
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    Idris Muhammad drum lick

    Hello, dudes! I have question about Muhammad drum lick. I read years ago, in some interview, he claims he invented this one particular lick. It was this one fill and he added hi hats to it. I don't know what it is. I also heard Billy Cobham play this lick. I don't listen to jazz or jazz...
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    2016 Modern Drummer magazine, drum hall of fame

    Hello. Does any body on here know who got elected to the Drum Hall Of Fame for 2016? I read that the choices were between Gregg Bissonette, Vic Firth, Steve Jordan, Idris Muhammad and Peter Erskine. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find out anything. If somebody knows, please reply to this...
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    Questions about 1 ply vs. 2 ply and bass drum heads

    Hello. I have some questions to ask about drum heads. From what I've read, 1 ply heads have less control, more sustain and more volume. And 2 ply heads sound more muffled, more control and less sustain. Do they make a tom head that is 1 ply, but has a little bit of a darker sound? Or are all 1...
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    16th notes on drums question

    Hello. I think I asked a similar question about 16th notes on here, years ago. You guys could probably tell me to google it, but I will ask you guys since you know a ton about drums/drumming. There are a couple different things about 16th notes referring to drums, right? When you play the high...
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    Drummers who could have replaced Bonham in Zeppelin

    Hello. I hope I don't get flamed for writing this. There are a few drummers in my opinion who could have replaced John Bonham in Led Zeppelin, after Bonham died. I know everyone on here is going to disagree with me, but my research shows that these guys would have fit in nicely. Carmine Appice...
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    Would "hybrid" cymbals idea work?

    Hello Drummers. Would hybrid cymbals work, or have they already been tried before? By "hybrid" I mean, you could make a cymbal 50/50. Half b8 and the other half b20. Or half brass, half b8. I think that might be interesting. I don't know how they would sound. And yes, I know that brass is not...
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    Custom drum set/how much cost?

    Hello. I'm sure that a lot of you guys on here are familiar with custom drum set builders. I would just want your opinion on how much this would cost me. Maybe some of you guys on here don't want to discuss things like this? I don't know. I am not familiar with this kind of stuff. I've just been...
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    The best drummers I've ever heard

    Hello. This is my list of the best drummers I've ever heard. Now, there are tons of greats I've never heard that I know are legendary. Here's my list in no order: Billy Cobham, Alphonse Mouzon, Neil Peart, Carmine Appice, Rod Morgenstein, Carl Palmer, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, Mitch Mitchell...
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    Question about Rogers xp-8 and Camco shells

    Hello. I have two questions. Was the Rogers xp-8 kit the first kit with 8 ply shells? I know it was the first all maple plied shell kit mass produced in the USA. And second question is: are the old Camco shells really the best shells ever made? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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    Could somebody tell me how many plies are on my kit?

    Hello. Could anybody on here tell me how many plies my drums are made of? Or whatever is the correct term. My kit is an "Export" clone from '98. Made in Taiwan, I think. It's a cheap kit, but not bad. It's probably made from Lauan("Philippine Mahogany").
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    Did Cobham invent the gong bass drum?

    Did William Cobham invent the gong bass drum, in the early 70's, when he was in Mahavishnu Orchestra? I guess Tama, in the late 70's, came out with them. Any answers/replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Take care.
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    drumstick terminology

    Hello. I looked up "drumstick" on wikipedia. They had a diagram of a stick. Tip, shoulder, shaft, butt. Okay. But what is the "shank" on a stick? Is the shank another word for the shoulder or the shaft? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Take care.
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    When did 15 inch rack toms come out?

    Hello. Forgive me if this has already been asked on here, but does anyone know when the 15 inch rack tom size was introduced? I would guess early 70's or mid 70's. I can't find out any info on it, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Take care.
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    Fast single bass drummers, besides Bonham

    Aynsley Dunbar, Ian Paice, Phil Collins, Chad Smith, Colin Bailey, John Stanier(Helmet), Brian "Brain" Mantia, Carl Palmer, Don Brewer, Leonard Haze(Y&T), Nicko McBrain, Carmine Appice, Ginger Baker, Bill Wade(Moxy), Jerry Shirley, Dave Holland, Vinny Appice, Alex Van Halen, Bobby Blotzer, Rick...
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    14/16/18 bass drum (depth size)

    Hello. I've got questions about bass drum depths. I know early on that bass drums were 14 inches deep, then in the early 80's when power sizes came out they added two more inches. Years later, they add another two inches, to make it 18. I've heard that the 14 inch depth produces the most punch...
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    2014 modern drummer drum hall of fame

    Hello People! Does anybody know who made it into the modern drummer hall of fame this year? I looked all over the internet and can never find it and the Modern Drummer website stinks. I would talk smack to Spagnardi or whatever his name is, for having a lame site. If anybody knows, could you...
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    Lugs: oil or grease?

    Hello. I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm sure this has already been asked a bunch of times before. What are you supposed to use on your lugs/tension bolts/whatever they are called? I don't want the bolts to strip. Can you use some type of grease(that you would use on a garage door track) or...