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    They say it's your birthday

    Today I celebrate my 28th birthday and I'm happy to be a forum member and thank you for all your advice, laughs, & wisdom since I've joined months ago. Have a great day.
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    Recently saw a drummer I admire greatly, during a solo my wife noticed one of the tips of a stick fly off into the sunset. She thought it'd be a good idea to buy him a pair of sticks as a thank you for an enjoyable show. He appears to like his space and I'm usually hesitant to talk to other...
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    Relaxed playing on demand

    So I notice a huge difference in my playing between being tense and relaxed. But life tends to provide stress and anxiety whether or not you intend to play the kit. I'm still a beginner with no band or commitments and it's easy for me to walk away and come back to the kit when I've calmed...
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    Trouble with Accents & Limb independence

    So I'm a new drummer who's taking lessons and my instructor recently pointed out something I need to work on: When playing a ride pattern lightly my snare has almost no volume. I have a hard time in general playing loud, but if I try to add some serious 'pop!' as he says my right hand volume...
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    Sanity Check on a trade-in

    In Sept I purchased an entry level 4 piece, Slingerland (1'3/4" black badges, early 80's) for 250. It was in rough shape, concert toms, original dented heads, etc. It did include a Roc-n-Soc nitro, and had all hardware and some cheap cymbals. I've since played it enough to know that I am...