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  1. Fabo

    Cold Feet?

    I mean this literally, I play in my basement and now that it is starting to get cold outside playing anything fast on the kick drum becomes a pain in the calf thanks to the metal pedals. Anyone else have this issue? any tips? I'm personally not very comfortable wearing shoes when I play, but...
  2. Fabo

    Possible suggestion for the site, unless it's already an option that I'm not seeing

    It might be pretty cool if we could somehow save videos on the main page that we like, or the link to the video, through our accounts. Sort of like on youtube, how they have the like/favourite buttons. If this is already something we can do just let me know how. Thanks.
  3. Fabo

    Another track off the new album Last track off the new album, any feedback welcome Thanks.
  4. Fabo

    What do you guys do to help advertise your band?

    Currently I'm trying to help with promotion by getting our name out on forums, podcasts, and some other online communities. Of course playing shows is probably the best way to promote your band, but what else do you guys do? One other thing that we're going to start doing is handing out flier...
  5. Fabo

    How much do lyrics matter to you?

    For me, personally, I have to be able to enjoy a song on all dimensions. If the lyrics are just a compilation of jokes it seems to take away from the music greatly. A lot of mainstream music seems to have minimal effort placed into the repetitive lyrics that are used. Do lyrics make a big...
  6. Fabo

    what could/should I do with this?

    My first crash finally cracked. It doesn't sound too great anymore, but I was wondering if I could cut it down to something else? Maybe a splash? Not exactly sure how I would do that, any help/ideas would be great. Thanks.
  7. Fabo

    Single kick blasts

    How did you come about developing this? When I first started playing I really wanted to do blast beats without the double kick, but for convenience I just started using double kick. With the single kick I find my biggest problem is that if I only use my right foot when I switch back to a double...
  8. Fabo

    Anyone have those really depressing days?

    Sometimes I'll have a really good day on the set, but then there's other times where I'll have a terrible day. Nothing seems to sound good and i can't really play anything right. I assume it's just a bad day. Not tooo common, but it does happen every once in a while. Anyone else have these?
  9. Fabo

    Advertisements Everywhere

    Is anyone else getting frustrated with or even noticing the amount of advertising that's popping up everywhere now, specifically on the internet? First it was just pop ups on the internet, then on to sites like google, now they're almost impossible to avoid on youtube, and even on this forum...
  10. Fabo


    Ankle/wrist weights. Does anyone use them. I was thinking about it and wonder if it would help with the feet or hands at all, but it seems like after taking them off there might be a problem with control or too much power(?) Plus it might be a serious strain especially on the wrists. Any ideas?
  11. Fabo

    Hard Vs. Soft Cymbal Case

    This has probbbably been posted before, but I have to make a choice between probably these two... VS.
  12. Fabo

    Help with a purchase

    Hey, I'm just looking to get a cymbal stand now and I've narrowed it down to these two here and I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I should spend the extra 20ish bucks because of shipping costs...
  13. Fabo

    Shipping to Canada

    It seems that whenever I find a really good deal online I end up having to disregard it because of $20+ for shipping. (doesn't seem that much, but a few pairs of sticks were $32 shipping) Just wondering if anyone knows any online stores where they have good deals and shipping to Canada doesn't...
  14. Fabo

    Stick Bundles?

    I just broke my last pair of sticks, so right now I'm only stuck with an old taped up pair. Since I find myself in this situation several times I'm thinking of just getting a bunch of sticks together at once. I can't afford to buy them separately, but my only concern is that I may end up being...
  15. Fabo

    Physical Health

    Drums can be a very physically demanding instrument, yet there are many out of shape drummers that are outstanding. Just wondering how much you guys think physical health contributes to playing drums.
  16. Fabo


    I've been playing for about 3 years now, haven't really focused on too much technique so it's not filled with complicated fills/beats, but enjoy for now and let me know what you think. P.S. don't mind the quality it's pretty good for a computer mic.
  17. Fabo

    Drum Keys

    I got a cool looking Tama key a couple days ago and started to wonder if any of them were collectible, since they're usually sold for under $5 or just given out for free. Also, any of you have any cool drum keys?
  18. Fabo

    Blast Beats...

    Since I primarily listen to black metal / metal people assume that most of what I play is just blast beats and double kick, which is far from the truth. I was wondering how often you guys use blast beats in your music outside of metal, and what else it fits well with.
  19. Fabo

    PDP X7 Vs M5

    I currently have to choose between waiting 5 or 6 months to get the x7 or getting the M5 right now. I've heard good things about both and I'm not sure if I should get the M5 now and build it into a 7 piece in the future or wait and purchase the x7. Also this week is the only time they'll have a...