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    Can somebody advise a good DVD to begin brush technique?

    I've played drums for a long time ("binary drummer") but started jazz playing last year. Could you advise of a good DVD to study brush techniques? Thanks
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    Art of Bop Drumming page 21

    Hi to everybody, I am currently working on the concept of Rythmic transcription described by John Riley in his book page 21. Although I think I understand the concept, I don't understand why in the last line but one the pattern begins on bar one and continues on bar 2 : I would rather play time...
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    Redneck Lamb of God Double bass Sixtuplets beginning

    Hello, With this tittle from Lamb of God, I cannot play properly at the beginning the sixtuplets on double bass drums (actually double pedal for me) at the requested tempo (quarter note = 132) and I have worked slowly on this for 3 months....What is strange is I can play series of sextuplets at...
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    Aquarian studio X coated with power dot

    Hi everyone, I bought a new kit with aquarian coated studio X batter heads on toms (and classic clear on resonant). Although I love the sound, in 4 month time my 10" tom batter head dent and now I have to change the batter head This is my question : do you think I could have the same sound...
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    Sleishman Pros and cons

    Hello I plan to buy a free floating kilt : as Tama omnitune kit is too expensive for me and like the free floating concept of Sleishman so If you own a Sleishman, I would appreciate if you could tell me your opinion on these drums Thanks
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    Natural drumming lessons 5&6 DVD

    Has anybody have the Natural drumming lessons 5&6 DVD by Danny Gottlieb and Joe Morello ? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Moeller vs. Modified Moeller

    I would be grateful to you if you could answer my question : I've got good basic technique but only use wrists and fingers and now I decide to study the Moeller technique. So I would appreciate if you could tell me the main differences between the "original moeller technique" and Joe Morello (or...