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    Question about drum measurements

    I am having my drums shipped down and need to buy cases. However I don't know the exact dimensions of my drums. I will have my dad measure but i don't want him removing the heads and rings. Approximately How many inches do you think I need to subtract to account for the heads and rings when...
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    Drum Covers Help

    Hi, Currently i have no covers for my drums, and I am going to be relocating and will need to have a shipping truck take them with my other furniture. So i need solid covers, as i don't particularly trust movers with my equipment...but have no choice.
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    Cleaning drums Question

    Is it ok to use water to clean dust off? I tried just using no water and all im doing is moving the dust side to side.
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    Help a newbie with cowbell playing

    I just got the rock ridge classic, and im trying to figure out if there is a spot i should be hitting it to get the best sound. Im mainly just using it for now for simple constant hitting like on 1,2,3, and 4.. nothing fancy.
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    what cowbell to buy?

    Im looking for a cowbell so i can play i break everything i touch by Jason Aldean, and possibly use it for a few other country songs that use it. What do you recommend for cowbell and mount? Also is there a way to play the cowbell, high hat, and snare at the same time? Im new to drumming, so...
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    Help with sound of a ride cymbal

    Hi all, Im still pretty new to drumming, so i had a question. I have a set of Zildjian Avedis i am using. The ride is a sweet ride. When i play my ride, it sounds too.... i dont know, too much like a crash. I mean, clearly it has a different tone, but i want it to sound more like a light...
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    Shaker suggestions?

    What do you recommend for a shaker?
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    Tambourine suggestions?

    I am new to drumming, and I am wondering what the best options are for a tambourine? Theres a bunch of songs I want to play, but they need that tambourine to sound like the recording.
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    How to port a drum head?

    What is the best way to port the bass drum head? I have never done it before.
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    How to setup a vocal mic for drummer?

    Is there a special mic stand for a drummer to use, so that it won't get in the way while im drumming and doing vocals at the same time?
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    Drum and Cymbal polish?

    Im looking for a cymbal polish that will not take off the brand name that is on the cymbals if it is applied. And also what is a good drum polish? Thanks!
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    Stick recommendations?

    Im sure this has come up a bunch, so i apologize. As a newbie looking for a pair of sticks.. what do you suggest? I play country and rock music. Heaviest i play is something like Soundgarden. All i have been playing with so far is a pair of sticks from a hard rock cafe.
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    Mixer suggestions?

    What do you guys recommend for a mixer to be used for a full band setup? Im looking to stay under 1K price point. Thanks
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    Drum tabs or transcriptions?

    Hi all, I have just started playing the drums, and am looking for some guidance on songs i want to play. I have played guitar for a long time, and besides listening to a song I always go online for help with parts I can't totally figure out by ear and a lot of times there is a tab for it (as...
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    I was wondering if most people put a pillow inside their bass drum? I just received my new kit but it did not come with a pillow.
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    vocal mic suggestions?

    What would you recommend as far vocal mic for back up vocals?
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    Good video for setting up drumset?

    Im about to get my first drumset, and was wondering if there is a good video out there at shows how to set it up, and tune the drums... all the basics.Thanks!
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    splash cymbal?

    Just bought an avedis pack that includes high had, ride and two.crashes, and looking for a splash to go.with it
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    Country Drummers?

    Are there any famous country drummers on this board? If not, what are some famous ones? I am just curious as to what their setups are with their drums.
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    Drum heads question from a newbie

    Is there a good website that explains drum heads in detail for a newbie??