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    One final thread about drums before I go out an buy.

    Okay, so I have gone back and forth about a lot of kits from renowns to an old ludwig and now to this. I went around town and played several different kits. The ones that stood out to me during this journey was... A tama starclassic maple, a yamaha Beech custom, and a yamaha Oak custom. All of...
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    Need help identifying an supposed 80's ludwig

    Hello, I found a ludwig kit in the back of a music shop that had been refinished and the inner shells painted a matte black. They were re-wrapped and look to be in alright shape. The store owner says the person who brought it in claimed it was an 80's ludwig, but due to the refinishing there...
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    Pork pie Patina Brass snare vs Pork Pie Big black brass

    So along with my new drum kit I will end up having around 180$ to spare. I love my current pork pie maple 14x7 snare, but I also love the sound of brass snares and was thinking of getting one. I found both of these at the same price in my budget, I was wondering which people consider better...
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    Looking for a new drumkit 800$ ish

    So I tried going for a mapex saturn, but I just couldn't find ones with the right sizes. I am looking for currently a drumset that I can pretty much settle down with as the last drumset I will need to buy to get the sound that I am looking for. I really like the tonal qualities of maple (I...
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    Mapex Saturn Pro vs. Mapex Pro M

    Hello, I found this forum to be immensely helpful in finding information on the Saturn Pro, but now I have run into a dilemma. First off, I have been playing on a new (poplar shell) export pretty much for most of the time I have played drums (8 years), however, I think it is time to move on. I...