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  1. 720hours World Record

    I was on a new radio show for drummers

    Hey Drummerworld gang I was just interviewed by a radio show for drummers called Stix-n-Skinz. We talked about my 2 drumming work records and other items. If you are a drummer with a story – give them a call and get on the show too! My interview on May 20th is the one after John Oszajca’s...
  2. 720hours World Record

    2nd music video on Youtube (yes it has drums)

    Just placed my 2nd music video off of the 2012 CD "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" "Tricity" has a modern jazz fusion electro alternative rock kinda sound (if you can mix all that up) The comical song is about Electricity. Enjoy Youtube link Cliff
  3. 720hours World Record

    Music video

    Hello Drummerword Gang Just completed my first animated music video. I took the front cover picture of my "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" CD and made about 110 modified still shots then took them into Avid Studio to make the face move and talk. The drums used on the CD were Pearl with Evans heads and...
  4. 720hours World Record

    Calling all drummers – I can use your help!

    Calling all drummers - I am trying to locate all the drummers that had a record in the Guinness Book of World Records (especially the ones with Endurance Drumming records like mine). If some of these drummers are no longer with us and you know of a family member of one of the drummers that held...
  5. 720hours World Record

    Hello - from new member

    Hello fellow drummers. I am new to drummerworld forum. I have wanted to sign up for a while, the hack at pearl drummers forum made me jump. I think site is great. I really like the Sounds and Grooves area. Should have signed up a long time ago!!