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  1. mikeg

    Metronome with keypad for tempo?

    I was reading Poly's post on Adjusting tempo, and I'm curious if anyone knows of a metronome with a number keypad for setting the tempo? Counting off songs is mostly up to me, and it would be nice to have this feature. I have a Tama Rhythm Watch, but it has a jog-wheel knob which is okay, but...
  2. mikeg

    My new Ludwig Legacy Classic kit sound clip

    This is a short sound clip of me playing my new Legacy Classic kit. The sound is better if played at 480p. I didn't have a video camera when I did this, so i just included some stills of the kit.
  3. mikeg

    Modern heads on vintage drums question

    I just bought an older (50's?) model Gretsch snare and wondered if anyone has had problems fitting newer heads on older drums? I know some drum head companies make vintage style heads, but I think those are more about sound than fit. Thanks, -Mike