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    14" A Mastersound Hi-hats, Zildjian? Opinions.

    i am looking to buy 14" A Mastersound Hi-Hats. are they good quality though? what are your thoughts of them?
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    red jumpsuit apparatus hi-hats?

    Does anybody know what hi-hats the guy from red jumpsuit apparatus uses in the new album?
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    A zildjian cymbal pack: yay or nay?

    i am tight on money, i have destroyed hi-hats and crash so i need something soon. is the a zildjian cymbal pack a good buy, or should i just take the longer route and save individually for each cymbal? - and just play on the busted cymbals until? ps: the cymbals i have now are low quality, thats...
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    Are ear buds good?

    Are using ear buds to practice worthwhile or are they too damaging for your hearing? is it better to go for the muffled headphones by vic firth or what?