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  1. drummerds

    ludwig speedking~~relic ??PRICE??

    Need cash for cymbols gotta loose my old Ludwig speed king not sure the exact year but if i had to guess id say its mid 70s not as fast as it was in its day as sad as that my be.... need a price?
  2. drummerds

    Cant decide??

    hi I cant seem to decide on the bass drum set up on my next drum kit so please throw out some pros and cons between these two kick possibilitys Single 26" bass VS. double 22" already have a kit with a 22
  3. drummerds

    any info on this kit (zep kit)

    so i want the ludwig zep kit, a step up form my rogers i think? im not sure how good it is because theres not that much info on it if looked around and now need help this is the one exact i...
  4. drummerds

    I really need info on this kit (Roger's content)

    Hey, I'm new here, so it might not be the right place to post this, but.. I have this drum kit that my dad gave me, and I think it might either be from the 70's or the 80's. Maybe someone knows more about it? It doesn't have any markings indicating what model it might be, and it just...