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    Playing with Tennis Elbow any suggestions

    I got a diagnosis of Tennis Elbow earlier this summer. It's inflammation of the tendons in the forearm running from the elbow to the wrist. The result is extreme pain in the forearm and or hand. Per doctors order I've laid low on the arm, even used a sling and haven't played out since May. My...
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    Tennis Elbow any one else ever have it?

    My left arm, my dominant arm has been killing me. To get through shows I was wrapping it with ace bandage and toughing it out. Well Dr. Tells me I have Tennis Elbow. Which I used to think was some rich persons cry baby syndrome. He told me I have to put arm in a sling, use ibuprofen, ice it...
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    Tendinitis all of a sudden, bad technique?

    All of a sudden I've got a bad case of Tendinitis in my left arm which is my dominant arm. I'm 50 and have been playing off and on for 43 years. This just popped up the last few jobs. It really hurts, especially the first few songs. Seems worse when playing my heavy ride. Is this bad...
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    small vehicles that can transport drums

    I'm looking to buy a used car. I have a Ludwig Fab-4 four piece kit along with a trap bag and a cymbal bag to transport. I currently use my wife's Volvo wagon when I go to a gig. I have a Ford Ranger pickup but no cap, so that doesn't work. Money dictates a used vehicle. For gas mileage and...
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    Help with Living Loving Maid

    I'm having an issue getting this song right. My problem is the changeover from Verse to Chorus. I practiced this at least 50 times and then went to practice tonight and flubbed it. I hear / feel that the tempo changes from Verse to Chorus my bass player who is also a drummer says no that's not...
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    Need suggestions to lighten my kit

    Hi, I've had 3 back surgeries and a neck surgery, hence my handle. I just got home from a gig. And we played out every weekend for the past 4. I have some problems playing, (pain gets worse as the night goes on) but not near as much as hauling, setting up, and tearing down my kit. I started...
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    Fore arm pain is this a technique problem

    during my last gig on Saturday I got a lot of pain in my forearm. I'm a lefty so I'm hitting the ride with my left arm and that's where the pain was. I'm not a hard hitter. We were playing a couple of faster 60's rock/dance tunes in a row. A lot of repetitive 1/8 notes on the ride. Is this...
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    Ideas for where to attach set list / notes etc

    I've been sidelined for a few years because of a couple of back surgeries. But I'm in a band and we have our first of 5 new gigs starting next Friday. I need some advice and where and how to attach the set list / notes. I'm a lefty. Right now I have a fan attached to my Ride Cymbal Stand...
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    Suggestions for a Crash cymbal please

    I'm now playing in a band that plays 60's fun songs R&R, R&B, and blues kind of like the Commitments & the Blues Brothers combined. I have a 20" dry ride that I love. I took a long time to test between that and ping rides until I found the one. I also have 2 cymbals that the ink has mostly...
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    Snares buzzing from other instruments

    I just got a new Ludwig Fab-4 kit. I love it, the band loves it, but unlike my previous Pearl Snare drum the Snare that came with this kit buzzes when I'm not playing and the other guys are. I tried tightening the snares, didn't help. What can I do to eliminate this? Or is it just happening...
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    case / bag for tom with Rim type mount on it

    I just bought a new Ludwig Fab-4 kit. The Rack Tom has a mount that attaches to the rim and not the shell. This is a first for me, even though I know they've been around quite awhile. I have a set of soft cases for my current kit. The tom bags aren't going to work with this attached, so what do...
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    Can I buy a BPM meter / counter ?

    I did a search here on the forum and didn't find what I was looking for. A band member told me that a drummer in his former band had an LED meter that displayed the BPM he was playing. I did a google search and found only one such item, but it's been discontinued. There are many computer...
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    Purchasing a kit on Monday any last minute thoughts?

    On Monday I'll be buying my first new drum set ever. All others have been used. I'm buying a Ludwig Fab-4 kit shell pack that was marked down from $17XX to $1200, and now $490.00 I've checked the web and other stores and this appears to be a real great deal. I will be selling my Premier kit...
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    Anyone else feel like this?

    I've been playing off and on for 40 years. I've got the Gig for every band I ever auditioned for with one exception. Yet I always feel inferior to the other members of the group. Right now we have a guitar, bass, keys, singer, and probably just added a sax. Some of them have toured, played...
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    Need help with ZZ top Tush

    I feel stupid asking this, but this simple song is giving me trouble. I'm just not feeling it. It's a shuffle on the HH, Sn, & BD right? Not sure why, I can play much more difficult songs but this one is hanging me up and embarrassed me at practice tonight. I'm coming back into playing after a...
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    Rubber Trigger Pads: Yamaha vs Roland

    I want to upgrade the Rubber pads that came with my Alesis DM5 Kit. It has all Rubber pads, vs the new ones that have the real drum head. I'm looking at getting a mesh head trigger for the snare, and better rubber pads for the Toms. When looking on E-bay I notice the Yamaha Rubber Pads goes...
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    Alesis DM5 kit upgrade options

    I have an Alesis DM5 electronic kit I bought off e-bay for $300.00 new. It's the older style with the rubber pads not the newer one with the actual drum heads. Other than the option of sell it and start from new, I'm more inclined to upgrade it a piece at a time as cash allows. So I have a...
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    How to identify cymbals after writing wears off

    I have 4 Sabian AA's A crash, a set of AA Rock Hats 14", and an unidentified Crash/Ride I think. If I ever want to sell these how do you ID them after the writings been rubbed off by cleaning. There is the Sabian / Canada stamp. Is there any other engraved ID somewhere? I'd just like to know...
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    Opinions wanted: Ludwig Fab 4 kit

    I have a chance to pick up a new Ludwig Fab 4 shell kit for $499.00 What's the consensus as to the quality of this kit? Looking around it appears that $499 is a great price. Thanks, Dave
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    How to ID a set of Premier Drums

    I have a 5 piece Premier kit that I got by trading an electronic kit for it. How can I Identify what series it is? Thanks, Dave