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  1. no talent

    Ever miss out on a craigslist deal of a lifetime?

    This happened to me last summer and I still cant get it out of my head. I looked at a post that just said drums 100 dollars. It was a pic of a dusty 4 piece Premier kit, 3 Zildjian A's ride hat and crash and the kicker,,,,a Ludwig Lm400 supra. We were on the way out of the house to a graduation...
  2. no talent

    i need ideas for a quicker load in/out

    Hey guys, for a small venue we frequently play, i have downsized to a bass and snare, one cymbal stand with an 18 crash ride and an x-hat attachment. the problem is, it took me 3 trips to load in basically nothing. I have a cymbal bag, a throne bag, a snare bag, pedal/stick bag, snare stand...
  3. no talent

    Mallets for quieter playing??

    Ok, my promark rods just keep breaking at different lengths and the sticks catch when im playing my hi hats. I need rods for quieter, small venues. My question is, are mallets quiet like rods? Im thinking about getting the 2 sided stick/mallet type. has anyone played them and noticed a volume...
  4. no talent

    ok, i might have to get some Gretsch Renowns

    This past weekend my band did a double bill with another local band. The drummer contacted me and asked if i would like to share his kit. it would be fully miced so changeover would be a pain. i was a little skeptical but agreed ( all i needed was my stick bag so it was also convenient). Much to...
  5. no talent

    Should I bother with this project? opinions

    I recently inherited a 12x18 3 ply Ludwg bass drum. I believe it is from a jazette kit. It will need everything. its missing the retractable legs, only has one poor hoop, and the consolette which i would love has been replaced by a center mount. also, it was originally silver sparkle, at least...
  6. no talent

    Where do you guys put your cell phones at a gig?

    I have been trying to figure out what to do with my cell phone at gigs lately. after turning the ringer off, i usually lay it on top of my stick bag on the floor next to either my hi-hat pedal or my floor tom side depending on space. some gigs there is a window sill so i use that. i did rest it...
  7. no talent

    snares vibrating when guitar is playing

    Not sure why but the other night at a gig, my snare was buzzing like crazy. same gig, snare, guitar and amp as we always use and it never does it. what makes it do this and how to stop it next time? it was loud during songs.
  8. no talent

    Question for EMAD2 users.

    Just played in recording studio last night and used the house kit. Im almost embarrassed to say the brand and model of the kit because i loved the bass drum so much. He was using an EMAD2 as well as a blanket with no reso head, i hate that look in a big way but the sound was amazing live...
  9. no talent

    Lets see this years Christmas gifts...

    I treated myself to a new Pork Pie throne this year. Its about time after using the same Pearl throne since 1985. I scored a 20% off coupon at Guitar center and only paid 152 bucks for this normally 190. What did everyone else get??
  10. no talent

    my splash cymbal lost its appeal

    I have not used a splash cymbal in 20 plus years. the only one i own is a 10 inch zildjian EFX. i used to use it to accent snare hits and things all the time. then i loaned it to my drumming brother in law and and after his passing, it sat in his cymbal bag in a storage locker. i recently got it...
  11. no talent

    Not sure why I stopped, i just did

    playing a gig Saturday night and all was going well. suddenly mid song I came to a stop???? not sure why, I know there is no break there, I just simply stopped playing. I got the turn around look from the singer and came in on time after about 3 measures. strangest thing, I never did it before...
  12. no talent

    Just turned down a Pearl forum kit, did i make a mistake?

    I was just offered a used pearl forum kit for 100 bucks. used, needs heads, 5 piece with hi hat and ride, both Pearl cymbals. I was going to grab it and re-wrap it and try to sell it but I didn't think there was any money left for heads after the wrap. did I do the right thing by passing?
  13. no talent

    Your thoughts on taking breaks during gigs.

    Friday night my band was playing a venue we play often and there was a little drama about our breaks. The original agreement with the bar manager, was two 20 min, breaks for the gig 8 to 11 pm. personally, I have never liked taking breaks, I get stiff, cold, lose the vibe etc. so during our...
  14. no talent

    Ever have a drumken neighbor visit your band rehearsal?

    All I can do is laugh and shake my head at this one. the other night my band got together for a quick rehearsal before Tuesdays gig. about ten minutes in, the neighbor from across the street comes over and asks to watch, he says that they sit on their front porch listening and enjoy it etc...
  15. no talent

    Why do guitar players do this?

    any time at practice that we listen to an ipod to go over a new song why do guitar players insist on strumming along their parts with the guitar volume on?? it drives me nuts, im trying to hear my parts and all I hear is them playing live, and usually incorrectly over the ipod. cant a guitar...
  16. no talent

    multiple band dilema.

    For a while now I have been in 2 bands at the same time. There is no conflict with either band because they don't play the same stuff. One is classic rock, one is swing. The swing band right now is taking off and booking a ton of gigs and its getting harder to commit to the classic rock band. We...
  17. no talent

    No tip jar, still getting tips

    last night my 3 piece instrumental band played at this upscale inn. we play there once a week and are well liked. its one of those gigs however that we are not really the focus of peoples evening there, the food, wine and company is the main draw, so when people applaud it really means a lot to...
  18. no talent

    I thought pedal straps were strong

    Last weekend I played a multi band gig that had a backline kit. I had my entire kit with me from a gig earlier the same day so I just brought in my single pedal to use with the rest of what they supplied. after our 3rd song I went to count in the next tune and noticed my pedal was laying fat...
  19. no talent

    Let down by a drummer with chops but no ability

    Recently we played another multi-band gig with a backline. There was a metal band the followed us and when they were getting set, the drummer was ready first so he started to warm up. I was blown away, this guys was like Joey with the lightning fast double bass and crazy fills. however when the...
  20. no talent

    Making the best out of a near disaster

    Thursday I was asked to sub a gig on drums. Its an instrumental band I play with a lot, kind of a quiet coffee house thing ( I may be asked to join soon, the drummer is being un-reliable). anyway, the drummer bailed on the gig and I only had about an hours notice. I use just a converted floor...