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    Best Mid-Range Hardware Pack under $500

    I need to buy a good hardware pack uder $500. Narrowed my choices to: - Ludwig Atlas Standard - Pearl 930 Series - Yamaha 700 Series Medium Weight - Tama Iron Cobra 600 Series - DW 3000 Series Here's what I've liked so far: Ludwig Atlas STD - Pedals are double-chained, cymbal stands are...
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    Zildjian A Customs vs Meinl Classics Customs vs Istanbul Xist vs Paiste Alphas

    Hello everyone. Need advice on buying decent cymbals. Want to buy B20 bronce cymbals since I've read this is the way to go. Narrowed my $600 budget to 4 options (Ebay): Zildjian A Customs Meinl Classic Customs Istanbul Xist Paiste Alpha All of these come in the 14" hat, 20" ride, 16 and 18"...
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    First Kit: Pearl Vision VBL vs Gretsch Catalina Maple vs Mapex Armory vs Ludwig Element Birch

    Hello everyone. I'm pulling the trigger on my first drum kit, I am a total rookie. Don't wanna buy entry level stuff cause I know I will end up selling it pretty soon. Can't afford or justify pro level gear, I won't make a living out of this hobby. My budget for the kit is around $800 (Ebay)...