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    BP Velvetone Price Check

    Hi guys! I live outside the U.S. and was planning on buying a new kit. Came across a Black Panther Velvetone Shell Pack but got quoted $7.5k for it new. Is it really that expensive? I want to know if any of you guys knows how much it goes on the US? As I could maybe get it from there to my...
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    Program for Drum Beats

    Hi guys, I want to have a program for making drum beats and saving them. Ideally I would like it to have the option to do it in sheet music too. It has happened to me that suddenly I have a great beat in my head but the next day I can't remember a thing. Thanks!
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    New TD-30! Lol bought my td-20sx a year ago! I hope it's not much different haha Videos Here: