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  1. WhoIsTony?

    Anyone remember this site or know where it is?

    there was a website a while back where you could type in pretty much any song and it would bring up a line graph showing how the tempo changed or did not change throughout the song it was completely amazing and now I have no idea where it is. I remember looking at Police and Zeppelin songs...
  2. WhoIsTony?

    Lollipop Graveyard

    My family and I are practicing Isolation Arts. Writing songs and having fun recording them. My kids decided they wanted to start a punk rock band called Lollipop Graveyard. They wrote this song called Butt In The Front I hope it gives you a smile vocals - Athena & Axl guitar - Crusty Rivets...
  3. WhoIsTony?

    Tony Williams Seven Steps To Heaven

    my homage to a 17 year old Tony Williams the opening head of Seven Steps To Heaven off the Miles Davis record of the same title 1965 Rogers Swingtime configuration with a 1966 Rogers Powertone
  4. WhoIsTony?

    Byrne Cymbals for sale !!!

    For sale Byrne Cymbals Hand hammered and lathed in Illinois by cymbal artisan Ray Byrne. Each cymbal made from a Turkish B20 bronze blank. 22” Vintage Series - 2192g 20” Quarter Turk - 1900g 15” Vintage Series hi hats - T 1192 B 1501 These are brand new... I received them in Oct. I’m asking...
  5. WhoIsTony?

    Prologix ThunderKick unboxing and review... and other Prologix products

    I've been using Prologix products for about 10 years. I believe they are among the best practice products made ... if the THE best. Here is a look at their bass drum practice pad the "ThunderKick"... which is leaps and bounds better than any other bass drum practice pad on the market. Jason...
  6. WhoIsTony?

    Transcribing Joe Morello - Three To Get Ready

    Transcribing Joe Morello Three To Get Ready by the Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall 1963 I'm no Joe Morello, but I hope you dig headphones recommended
  7. WhoIsTony?

    Lets talk about pad practice... and encouraging friends

    trying to inject a little humor into very quick educational videos ... something like this I relate to both characters #youthinkyouretonywilliams
  8. WhoIsTony?

    One Minute Style Analysis Series

    I started a new series I'm calling One Minute Style Analysis where I'll pick my favorite players and give little stylistic phrases to help understand their style for drummers interested. the first few will be on Elvin Jones starting from an easy introduction to more advanced concepts. this...
  9. WhoIsTony?

    Elvin Jones Resolution Transcription Progress Log Entry #1

    Elvin Jones, those most unique creature in my opinion to ever sit behind a set of drums. Organically weaving a web of emotionally driven rhythms while walking a tightrope balancing delicate and rumbling triplets. Pushing and pulling the beat. Stretching it like a rubber band creating the most...
  10. WhoIsTony?

    Fascinating ...

    "...drummers tend to prioritize making something work over making it matter..." Bill Bruford
  11. WhoIsTony?

    for Rogers Drums lovers ...

    I started a new Instagram yesterday morning that will be dedicated to Rogers Drums ... Rogers History and drumming content take a look if any of that interests you this will NOT be a bombardment feed of my breakfast and pouty lip photos I hope you are all well Anthony...
  12. WhoIsTony?

    homage to Philly Joe

    a quick impromptu homage to Philly Joe Jones on a rare night off 1966 Rogers Headliner configuration in Blue Onyx 1961 Rogers Dynasonic snare in WMP
  13. WhoIsTony?

    Styles of my favorite rock drummers

    I'm primarily a jazz player ... but while dialing in some sounds on one of my Rogers kits I felt like messing around and getting sound in the styles of 4 rock drummers who had an enormous impact on my life. this is not intended to be "covers" nor is it intended to be perfect playing...I was...
  14. WhoIsTony?

    For anyone interested in vintage drums - Rogers in particular

    A video I just put up discussing and documenting the process of replacing original B&B lugs with Rogers modern reproductions. Some of the reason to do this and some situations you may run into doing so... also some things that may make keeping the originals organized for a later date easier...
  15. WhoIsTony?

    Guys/Girls who play heavy music ... heads ...

    so I've been playing jazz on Ambassadors strictly for over a decade now I am recently back to my roots playing really heavy shit just within the past few weeks after being asked to join this band for some pretty high profile gigs ... having a blast ok so ... bla bla bla right ... get to the...
  16. WhoIsTony?

    In case anyone hasn't seen this yet... Bermuda and Dom

    our very own Bermuda on Sessions with Dom Famularo great stuff right here ... enjoy
  17. WhoIsTony?

    Rogers Drum Talk video discussing some of the Swivomatic era gear

    I made this video as an introduction for those getting into 1960s Rogers drums I would have loved something like this when I started getting into them ... so I made it for future enthusiasts hope you enjoy it Grunt please move this if I am violating any policy...
  18. WhoIsTony?

    channeling Elvin

    Elvin's thing is tough to cop, man ... but it sure is fun one of Elvin's solos from a Wayne Shorter tune hope you dig it or hate it
  19. WhoIsTony?

    early to mid 1960s Rogers Holiday "Swingtime" outfit

    always been a vintage drum junkie and this is my new toy ... Cleveland era drums all born together the F on the paper tags signifies that the late Frank Walters assembled them swan leg swivo stands and swiv-o-matic 395R bass drum pedal Sta-Tite floor tom brackets and of course a...
  20. WhoIsTony?

    So Extremely Proud ...

    ... if you would allow me to glow for just a moment ... I just received an email from a student that I handed her first pair of sticks 9 years ago at 9 years old who informed me that she will not only be attending Berklee College of Music this fall but has received a scholarship I knew about...