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    Ludwig Classic Maple or Vistalite?

    I'm looking for my next kit and cannot decide between the classic maple and vistalite series from ludwig. I am looking into a blue sparkle kit in the bonham sizes or a clear or green Vistalite in the fab 22 setup. I love both but I don't know which kit is going to suit me best as an kit I would...
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    Do coated remo heads give a different reso sound?

    I was wondering if using coated ambassadors as reso heads on snare and toms like bonham did changes the sound of the drum, making it warmer sounding? What do you think?
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    Ludwig Stainless Steel Kit for sale?

    Anyone know where I can find one?
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    Opinions on Paiste 505 Heavy Ride 20"

    What are your opinions in this cymbal?
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    Best Drum Mics for live performances?

    Hey, I'm looking for Mics for my drum kit but I'm new to the scene of buying mics. I don't really know much other than I want my drums to sound great while playing live gigs. I have a 4 piece drum kit with 3 cymbals. What entry level mics would you recommend for great live sound?
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    Giant Beat or 2oo2's

    Hey, I'm deciding on a ride cymbal and cannot decide between the Giant Beat 24 Ride and the 2oo2 24 Ride. Which ride do you think would recommend?
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    Best Drum set for jazz?

    Hey, I was wondering whats your opinion on what is the best drum set for jazz playing?