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    Beginner percussion ensemble books?

    Can anyone recommend any good books for a percussion ensemble, I was thinking both Latin and classical pieces to try out.
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    Easy software for writing drum notes?

    Can anyone recommend an easy-to-navigate computer software for writing drum music/notes?
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    Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials Play along audiofiles?

    I tried to start up my Groove Essentials playalong 1.0 CD but it was to much scratches on it so my computer wouldn´t read it.. Are there any kind souls out there that could send me all the audiofiles of Groove essentials playalong 1.0 CD, would appreciate it very much!
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    What does Mike Clark plays here...?

    In this video, about 5:39 in, he plays some kind of triplets, or is it blushda? Can someone explain the sticking I'd be grateful!
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    Help me understand triplets played by Ulysses Owens Jr?

    On the album "Out there" with Christian mcbride trio. the first song called "Ham hocks and cabbage". Ulysses plays some kind of swiss triplets in around 2:52, can you help me figure out what he plays there?
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    Gretsch renown 2016 vs 2015

    What are your thoughts of renown series from 2015-2016? I understand the hoops did change from the diecast to 302 hoops. Does it affect the sound alot? I understand the 302 will open up the sound a bit, but am I going to get a clear articulation as with diecast? Do you know if the shell...
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    Any replacement for Yamaha MCA?

    Are there any replacement for Yamaha MCA kits. I see there are Hybrid absolute maple kits, but the shells are very different from the old MCA.
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    Large drumshops in Europe?

    Can you recommend any physical drumshops in Europe. I live in Sweden, but planning a trip through Europe this summer and would like to visit a store that has all the big brands in drumming to try some new gear, Gretsch, Yamaha, Ludwig, DW, Craviotto, Noble & Cooley, Istanbul, Zildjian etc...
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    Percussion ensemble books for beginners?

    I´m planning of putting together a percussion ensemble for a few students. Most of them are beginners. I was thinking Both latin and classical pieces. I have a book for the latin part called "latin-american percussion" by Birger Sulsbruck. Do you have some other book-recommendations for more...
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    Which rudiments from this video?

    Triplet flam rudiment?? Can you help me spot the triplet flam feel George plays in this video, 34:20 in Also would like to know the rudiment Quincy plays in the very beginning of this video? it reminds me of the other one...
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    Drumless backing tracks?

    I'm looking for drumless backingtracks for my students to play along to during lessons. They should come in different styles, pop, rock, funk, jazz etc, and different tempos. Do you know if there is any good app to download that will work?
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    What model is this yamaha hi-hat stand?

    Does anyone know what model this is? It is located at a school I teach in, didn't found any numbers or name on it besides a purple/black stripe with Yamaha on it. I liked it, felt light and fast compared to my gibraltar flatstand.
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    Center single lug on toms and bass, help?

    Single lug centered on toms and bass, help? I would like to use a centered single lug on my coming keller-shell-project. Can anyone help me with the length of tension rods, I know they can't be too long or too short if it's going to work, but how do I meassure the length needed? The sizes on...
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    Keller thin shells for jazz and high tunings?

    From what I understand a thinner shell have a lower pitch than a thicker. How is that affecting when it is tuned in higher jazz tunings? My plan is to buy keller shells for a 12/14/20 shellpack with 6ply on toms and 8ply for BD. My worries are that the 6plies is too thin to work good in higher...
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    Maple kit alternative to yamaha MCA? Jazz/funk

    I've been looking for a vintage kit, but lately more interested in buying a modern kit for jazz, funk, pop and deal with a vintage kit later on. I'm looking for a maple kit that has warmth and a nice tuning range from higher jazztunings to medium. I really like the sound of MCA so what is the...
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    Ludwig legacy classic and vintage Ludwig bopsound?

    I'm looking towards a new bopkit that will serve for jazz but also blues and some bigband stuff. Thinking of 20, 12, 14. What I heard on youtubes I really like the fuller sound of ludwig legacys and vintage ones, but mostly it is lower tunings especially on vintage Ludwigs. Does anyone have a...
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    Papa jo jones setup?

    I was wondering, does anyone know what drums he used in this video? or during this period?
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    Solid shell snare?

    I have a -69 acrolite now but looking for a solid wood snare for jazz, acoustic with a woody tone.. Reading a lot of threads, many recommend vintage radio kings. Can you help me sort it out what to look for. Is it big differences between different years etc? Also I've had an idea to build one...
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    Another heads-for-jazz-thread?

    Hi! I´ve got myself a Gretsch catalina bop kit, and want to switch the heads for a jazzy tone. I really need some input of heads, batters and resos. The bass drum, I would like to crank it up for jazz but also work for some blues and light rock. My choices has narrowed down to Aquarian modern...
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    Alternatives to istanbul agop signature?

    What cymbals do you think sound as close as possible to agop sig? I really dig that cymbal but it's so really pricey.. Tony at cymbalsonly would consider bosphorus black pearl/master vintage. The MV i think is tad too dry. Do you have any experience with black pearl model? What do you guys think?