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  1. Advinghelli

    Rubber strip that came with drum kit?

    My drum kit came with a mysterious rubber strip. It was 3" long, 1"wide , 1" tall. It had a flat bottom and grooves on top. I believe it had something to do with the bass drum. Perhaps it went on bottom, to prevent sliding and spread its weight from the bass pedal. After a year, I have...
  2. Advinghelli

    Heads For DRY Sound

    I like my drums dryer than prison pork chops. I'm currently tuned to least resonance, cotton balled to taste, and moon gelled. I'm gonna get new heads. GC sells a pack with: 22" emad1, 10", 12", & 16" g2s, and a 14" genera dry snare batter. I would like to add ec2s for toms(g2s become the...