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    Drums at Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix - A Plea to Gretsch

    Visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and took some photos of the drum sets on display. There were some remarkable and special kits on display and one that did not belong in the museum. First up Louie Bellsons kit [/url]MIM by waynex9000, on Flickr[/IMG] Hal Blaine's kit [/url]MIM...
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    Sonor SQ2 Bubinga Bop Set

    Enjoying my new to me set. SQ2 High gloss bubinga, slotted tension rods all around 18x14 med maple bass drum with rocket launcher. 12x8 thin maple tom 14x14 thin maple floor tom 14x5.5 vintage maple snare
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    Drum Practice Studio Almost Complete

    After four months of construction, my drum practice studio is almost done. I'm waiting on the bass traps and acoustic treatment. The sound-proofing is pretty good. Double stud walls with 5/8" drywall/greenglue/5/8" on the walls and three layers on the ceiling. I'll post more details later.
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    Emperors vs Pinstripes

    I recorded both with the same drumset under identical conditions: Coated Emperors v.s Clear Pinstripes. Which sound do you like better? Comments? Drumset is Yamaha Maple Custom 10x7 12x8 14x12 16x14 20x16 Bass Drum Head is Aquarian...
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    Guess the drum head

    Hello, I recently put some new heads on the toms of my Yamaha maple Custom set and made a short recording. Drums are 10x7.5 12x8 14x12 16x14 20x16 with a 14x5.5 Yamaha copper snare. The tom reso's are clear G1's 1.Can you guess the drumheads on the tom batters from listening to the sound...
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    Bass Drum Size and fitting in Car

    I thought I would start a thread listing the biggest bass drums that are known to fit in various Car models BMW 3-Series - 20"x16" in soft bag fits in backseat 20" in H&B hardcase doesn't fit Has anyone fit a 22" into a 3-series? Please list your car and the biggest bass drum that you can...
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    Your Stereo's

    It seems to me that most drummers care more about good stereo's than other musicians. I saw some Magnepans in the basement in a recent thread. Let's see some pics and details of your Hi-Fi systems:
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    Sonor S-Classix Bop Set

    I just received my bop set. It's making nice with the Yamaha's for now. Sonor S-Classix in Walnut Roots. 10x8 Tom - Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x14 Floor Tom- Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x5 Snare -Remo Stock Coated ambassador over stock clear ambassador...
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    Yamaha Maple custom recording - dry vs. processed

    I've been experimenting with close-micing in addition to the recorderman overhead plus kick method. Unfortunately my tom mics were delayed due to a train derailment(I'm not making this up, that's what UPS tracking said). Anyway I mic'ed up my Maple customs with: 1 Pair of oktava mk-012's in...
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    Buying drums in Japan

    Hello, I'll be traveling to Japan for a vacation soon. Does anyone know if it is worthwhile to buy Yamaha or Tama drums in Japan. I'm thinking about picking up a snare or two. Are the prices any better? Are there some models not available in the US. Can anyone recommend a store in or near...