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    NPD Czarcie Kopyto Double

    Of course there are heavier pedals. What are you talking about?
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    New Pearl Reference in Purple Craze

    That is a beast. Love the purple heads too. Enjoy it :)
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    FORUM: Change

    It looks much better and theres no horizontal scrolling. Thanks for the update :)
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    got some new cymbals and new heads:

    Check it out edit - for some reason they arent showing up. Heres a link:
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    Short solo (mapex saturn + k custom hybrids)

    Hey everyone. Heres a short video of me playing after being reunited with my drums for about a month after a bit of a break. Let me know what you think
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    My new (used and restored) mapex saturn

    Hi all. After three months of waiting my drums finally arrived at my house in New Zealand today! Heres a little reminder of what I was dealing with: It had a bunch of stickers on it and the shells had a lot of crap on the wrap. Sticky residue and marks. Fast forward three months. I got it home...
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    New Kit pics

    Hello all, a little while ago i changed my setup around, and got some G2s - Here are the results. Enjoy :) Thanks for looking :)
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    My pro M - New Shots

    Hey all, i got some new portholes, so i thought it would be a good time to take updated kit pics, enjoy:)