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  1. Swissward Flamtacles

    Rogers plagiarism (New Sound, Diamond)

    I've seen the old New Sound lugs before - from a distance they look just like Beavertail lugs and even have the same spacing which makes them somewhat interesting if you need many Beavertails for a cheap restoration. Now, I just bought this "Diamond" snare for a friend (he just wanted a cheap...
  2. Swissward Flamtacles

    Airto Moreira - The Spirit of Percussion - Anybody has it?

    I was looking for this book but there is pretty much nothing. Does anybody have it or know how it is? Mostly percussion or also drum set? By the way: Is there really no thread on him in the Drummers subforum?
  3. Swissward Flamtacles

    How about "Best threads" stickies as FAQs?

    With so many recurring questions and good information scattered across different threads, why not have a sticky in each section where we collect great threads for different topics to keep osbolete topics down? If this gets out of hand, hopefully someone will be nice enough to compile the...
  4. Swissward Flamtacles

    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    I mean the great selection of drummers here of course: Maybe we can make this a collection of other great drummers or a wish list for the main page! Steve Ellington: Bill Goodwin
  5. Swissward Flamtacles

    Building two small sets out of old Premier shells

    This was a fun project that might be interesting if you'd like to build a sort of Hip Gig set from a set of toms. Thanks to the guys at by the way - it was interesting to see the different projects on there. So, I was thinking about getting the Odery Café Kit but then I...
  6. Swissward Flamtacles

    Rogers Collet Noses - cheaper, alternative solutions?

    I've been looking for months for 6 replacement Collet Noses for my Rogers set because mine are all cracked to varying degrees. Getting reproductions is too expensive for my liking (more than $300). I've considered rim mounts for the toms but then I still need a way to fix the bass drum spurs...
  7. Swissward Flamtacles

    Practicing with a mirror

    This gets mentioned on here every now and then but I don't know if there is a dedicated thread to it. There is the 'useful gear that flies under the radar' thread on here and my tongue-in-cheek response was 'a mirror' because I rarely see them in practice rooms. Now I didn't begin with a mirror...
  8. Swissward Flamtacles

    Rogers set at Namm

    (Sorry if I've missed an existing thread) It seems like some new Rogers sets are on the horizon, so I hope there will be some new replacement parts in the future! This is where I found the info: Video of Daru...
  9. Swissward Flamtacles

    Rogers Holiday restoration - looking for advice

    So I just bought a Rogers drum set from the sixties on ebay. I don't have the drums yet but they'll arrive in a couple of days at the rehearsal place. It's a complete set with a Dynasonic snare, pedal, hi hat and stands. The toms and bass are missing hoops on the resonant sides and the set is...
  10. Swissward Flamtacles

    The return of the 11A / Joe Morello-Stick? Vic Firth Matt Garstka Signature

    Since I'm down to my last pair of the Joe Morello Sticks ( ) I was looking for an alternative and it seems like the new Matt Garstka stick is pretty much an 11A...