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  1. Ginger_Beakey

    New Hats, NEED HELP! Please post if you own Ziljian ZHT Hats.

    I'm looking to buy some new hi hats to replace my ZBTs. I'd like to have something with a very clean sound that is good for Jazz and Classic Rock, but primarily Jazz. I've been looking at the Zildjian ZHT Mastersound 14" Hi Hats and they seem nice so if anyone owns them could they give an...
  2. Ginger_Beakey

    Cymbal comparison, opinions wanted

    Which is better in your opinion? Zildjian ZHT Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16" OR Paiste PST5 Medium Crash 17" I am able to buy either, and I'm not sure. I play blues, Jazz and Rock. Never play heavy metal. My existing cymbals are: Zildjian ZBT Hi-hats and Paiste PST5 Medium Ride.
  3. Ginger_Beakey

    Paiste PST5 Medium Ride

    I'm looking to buy a Paiste PST5 Medium Ride cymbal, does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this product?
  4. Ginger_Beakey

    Need first bass pedal (Good quality but not too expensive)

    Hi, I've learnt to play the drums using a snare, hi-hat and a Yamaha DD-55 electric drum kit (which I only really use for the bass and the crash), and in a week or so I'm getting a second hand Tama superstar shell kit, (basically just a bass drum and three toms) but it doesn't come with a bass...