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  1. HenryColt

    Sabian Vault vs Sabian Artisan

    Hi fellas: Is there any diference between a Sabian Vault Crash and a Sabian Vault Artisan Crash? I have an offer for a Vault Crash( 187$) and I never heard one of them ( not the Vault nor the Artisan).
  2. HenryColt

    Sabian AAX Freq 16" No info at all

    How's it that there's no info of this cymbal? You get tons of reviews, video, sound sample of the 18", but none of the 16".. In my favorite store they have the 16" at ridiculous 179€ brand new, but I can't try it cause the store is 500km away (310 milles) . But then, again, how's possible...
  3. HenryColt

    Is the snare bed really necessary?

    Hi folks: I got a 12x10 Mapex Saturn tom reconverted to a snare. The guy, the nicest guy ever, told me that is not necessary to make a snare bed. He made it so that the wires that hold the snare wires go through the hoop. And i'm quite happy with the results, but I wonder what could happen to...