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    Thoughts on the K 18" Crash ride? Other options?

    My ride is an Istanbul Traditional and is fantastic but does not have the beat ping for rock in all songs. I'm looking to add an 18" ride that is still dark and complex but has more cut and must play double duty as a crash. The K Crash ride looks like it will fit perfect but I'm open to other...
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    Hi hat pedal to stiff?

    Just got a brand new PDP Concept hi hat stand and it's great except when I want the hats to close tight I have to apply pressure to the pedal. On my old stand all it took was the weight of my foot. Is this just normal for a new stand? Does it just need breaking in?
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    Stuck with cymbal! Have it modified or sell for a loss?

    Ordered a K Constantinople 18" crash from Sweetwater. No returns on cymbals! Sounds great on its own and if I had a full set would love them but with my cymbals it sticks out to much. So I'm out $400. Should I trade/sell or does anyone do good modifications I should talk to?
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    Best Hi Hat stand around $100 or should I spend more?

    Been using the same cheap one but I need a 2 leg or swivle to try double bass so time to upgrade. Don't know much about what to look for so any help is appreciated!
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    18" Kerope as a crash?

    I've got a good deal lined up for one but won't be able to try first. Only heard the 20" in store. I was looking to get an AGOP Dark 18" till this deal came up. Are they going like at all or over powering? I'm hoping for something softer to go with my 16" K Dark crash witchis very soft and...
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    Hand independence exercises for the practice pad?

    I've been working on independence exercises for the kit but I notice my hands have an issue when I play a lot of notes with my left on the snare my right hand joins in. I have not been able to find good lessons for just hand independence that I can work on. Anyone know any or have links to good...
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    Bought a 16" Dream Bliss crash and...

    It sounds almost identical to my 16" K Dark crash. Same pitch everything it's just a little louder! Crazy. If I didn't already have the K I would be happy! Guess it goes back! Nice to know the two Dream cymbals I have bought have been great!
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    Kazsa cymbals. What do they compare to?

    Also I have read different takes on R and F series with some saying F are darker and some saying R are darker. Can anyone give a good comparison such as the F sound a bit like Zildjian K or something like that?
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    New hats and a new ride! Love!

    Got a set of Istanbul Traditional 14" Medium hats and a 20" Traditional Original ride off Craigslist! Best hats I've ever owned or played so far! Nice and dark but crisp and no "Clang!!!" Like my A Customs had. The ride is very thin and jazzy. I'm not as in love with it as the hats but it's very...
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    God hammer for deep hammering cymbals?

    I've hammered quite a few cymbals now with varying results. Hammers make pretty shallow marks. What's a good hammer for deep hammers marks? Hopefully something not to expensive and easy to go set. Mainly working on old cymbals and Wuhan stuff. Good not God hammer! LOL
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    Cymbals to compliment a Byzance Dual Crash?

    Got a 16 Dual Crash and it is my favorite cymbal ever! I have a Dark ride coming that I hope becomes my new ride and a 12" Extra Dry splash. Other then that I plan to replace all my other Zildjian A and K cymbals. Besides other Byzance cymbals are there any others I should consider to...
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    Loudest head for an 18" bass drum?

    Can't do it anymore! I have been using a patch with plastic in it and a plastic beater. Also a riser. I know nothing as this is the first time I will change it. Any help appreciated!
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    Is it me or my snare?

    I am trying hard to work on my dynamics on the snare. Ghost notes and such. I have a Pearl Road Show snare that's 14" with a Vintage Emperor head. I can't seem to make really quiet gost notes or even get decent dynamics. Could it be the snare or do I need to try harder?
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    Anyone use two rides? Going ride crazy!

    I am a bit ride crazy right now. I have some spine issues that make it difficult to play the hi hat as well as I would like so I ride a lot. I have a K Custom Dark and have wanted something similar but more complex so I bought a Byzance Traditional medium ride of Reverb a couple days ago. Then...
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    Any one know anything about this Meinl ride? Got a guy coming over with one to sell. He doesn't know much about it and neither do I. Any info?
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    Are all K Dark crash's on the quiet side?

    My 16" Dark is. Every 16 I put with it iss louder. I really want a 17 or 18 crash and if they are just quieter I guess I need another K Dark that's bigger. Any other suggestions for slightly quieter cymbals I can pair with it? It's by far my favorite crash s I want to build around it.
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    Score! Meinl MB20 18" Rock China

    $30!!!!! Wow! Best $30 ever spent! Dark trashy and beautiful!
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    That one crash you just beat on!

    Anyone else have one? I am still new and don't have the best technique but I'm learning! For heavier stuff and faster stuff where my lack of technique comes in I tend to beat on my Wuhan "14 thin crash. My cheapest crash.
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    Any experience with Stagg Black Metal?

    Not many YT vids showing individual cymbals of them. Especially the newer ones. Sound pretty good from what I have heard.
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    Musicians Freind Stupid Deal of the Hour today.

    Haven't seen any cymbals or drum stuff yet. Have I missed anything?