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  1. zidjan

    Mapex Horizon Big City help!!!

    Hi Mapexer, I need help in actually indentifying/ verifying this kit. I found this in Craigslist about 100 miles from me. The fella said that it is a Horizon Big City kit, however, when he sent me the pictures, the finish is not the Big City kit I see on the web and I can't find any...
  2. zidjan

    Showing my new Italian PHIDRUM Snare

    Hi Dwer, I am here to show off my new snare (well it's 2 months since I had it). It's Italian made custom snare drum PHIDRUM. The snare is made from 3/8 stave African Mahogany, but look at the design of the shell. The lugs are inside the shell and there are no...
  3. zidjan

    Anyone has any experienced on DDrum Dios ash burl exotic drumset??

    I know DDrum has a bad reputation on their drum kit ...bad edges...bad construction and etc....but however I wonder if anybody have a different experience on their flagship "DDrum Dios Ash burl exotic" drum set...right now I already have a Mapex Saturn with 20' kick and Tama Starclassic Birch...
  4. zidjan

    Armand vs Avedis

    Hi fellas, I wonder what is the difference in sound between Zildjian Armand and Avedis...have anybody tried both?? I am looking for jazz crashes...but when I check out the sounbd file onli...honestly I found the Avedis and Armand sounds I am just wondering if maybe they sounds...
  5. zidjan


    Hi fellas, I wonder if anybody know the thickness difference between Paiste Twenty thin crashes vs Paiste Signature Fast crash and Paiste signature mellow crash? I have the twenty thin crashes but they are still a tad too thick for me....very nice sounding cymbals though but I am curious about...