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    Someone in my country said he had some fake HCS/BCS's. It's beyond me someone'd even think these'd exist, heck they'll probably sound better than the real ones if they do exist.
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    Moving on from Evans Genera Dry...

    I like them on higher tuning than that (probably medium-low for most), these are flexible heads and don't have the boxy attack that plagued many other 2-ply heads for me. But they'll become very dead if you don't apply enough tension to "activate" the oil layer (like if you take it out of the...
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    New pedal for a Speed King loyalist?

    A new one's out there!
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    Dream kit

    A new Rogers kit in Roger Taylor sizes please! (I know it probably won't happen in a few years...) An 18" A Zildjian concert suspended cymbal, as I've got the others pretty much covered. A Ludwig L203 Speed King, Tama Classic or DW Ultralight stands. 🤤
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    Very First Kits

    Roland TD-9. And first acoustic set, Ludwig Club Date SE. Luxury compared to most I think. 😉
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    Cymbals Companies OEM and third re-sellers brands

    I find it interesting that in China (my country), Meinls are seen more commonly than Paistes (I mean the higher end models of course, Byzances vs. 2002s etc.), and various Turkish handmade cymbals (Istanbul Agops, Bosphoruses) can often be had more cheaply than A Zildjians. 😂
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    Triplet Stuff in Non-Triplet Music - Visa Versa

    I learned that trick from Keith Moon (he did a lot of this on, say, Who Are You) and have been using it ever since. Now sextuplets... I pull it off from time to time to annoy my bandmates... err, I mean, to create a wall of sound. That's where things get demanding for your speed and stamina.
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    Stupid things people have said or asked you about playing drums while gigging

    "Who's gonna mike you up with condensers?" and "How could anyone else use the mic if it's done miking your bass drum?" Both in snarky voices. Last straw, I've been miking myself ever since.
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    Steel snare drum question

    I think shell thickness and beading affects it as well. My Ludwig Corey Miller is constructed similarly to a Black Beauty, and sounds likewise to me. SUPER SENSITIVE just like any Ludwig snare drum I've seen.
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    Ludwig rim bend, normal?

    I've had the same problem with my vintage Gretsch drum. It was a bent flash hoop on the snare side head this rim is following. Needless to say that head is pretty stretched too. Change to a new reso head, and the tuning tension will probably take care of it.
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    E-pads in acoustic set

    I did it on several occasions. For bongos, gongs, or Simmons tone. For optimal monitoring I'd recomnend an IEM system.
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    Pearl export 18" tom?

    Mine is a 2012 reissue version, with a 16" floor tom. I believe the newer reissue has a 18" floor tom though.
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    Pearl export 18" tom?

    Not if you play like I do. Pretty sure my floor tom can be heard every now and then. :ROFLMAO: I'm kind of longing for a 18" floor tom too, but my kit is not a Pearl Export... It's a Ludwig Club Date SE and these don't come with additional drums. :(
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    NPD Czarcie Kopyto Double

    Most modern pedals are based on the same basic design (Camco pedal - DW and Tama - other modern pedals). That said, a lot of parameters may affect the outcoming feel of the pedal. Length, angle (I believe the difference between Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra), cam size and profile, shaft height vs...
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    Solid Heel Plate or Parallel Support Bars under your pedal?

    Frankly I don't really care as long as it operates smoothly. On cheap house kits I generally feel more assured if I see a solid base plate (these generally seem a bit less cheap than radius rods). But I actually'd prefer a radius rod for my own, premium pedal for portability. And I like my good...
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    Most Underrated Snare Drums

    I'm picking one up for $100 too. Now waiting for the international shipping (the same cost as the drum itself lol). 😉
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    Paiste 2002, B8 but why do they sound so good?

    Because they've taken the time to properly hammer and lathe them, rather than stamping out a shape and calling that a cymbal. :)
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    DW buys Slingerland!

    So maybe I'm the only guy still enjoying my plywood drums... 'cause Slingerland made plywood drums too, and my plywood Gretsch actually has that both deep and cracking thing going on. (y)
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    Arborea, Armada & Chang Cymbals

    I recently bought a Chang china and love it! Looking for a Wuhan tone but they ceased carrying to my country since they've been bought by Cardinal percussion. So I bought a Chang, it's cheap, comes in a variety of sizes, and has a throaty tone that I like. (y)