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  1. Dave_Major

    Drumming as Art

    Afternoon gang. Bear with me on this but i hope this is clear So i wanna kick my playing up a gear or 2 over the next while and have saught some help in this. I'm at the stage in my playing that I think I know all the 'stuff' i am going to to know. I know my styles, my hands are good etc, I...
  2. Dave_Major

    How to handle this situation

    Hi guys, bit of advice required here. So a band I joined in august full time (upgraded from well used dep status) pay is low but there are plenty of gigs which was great at the time. Now!! turns out that on some gigs I have been paid sometimes £30 or £40 less than others for no real reason...
  3. Dave_Major

    A new video

    Hey guys, hows it going. I think my last post a couple of weeks ago got deleted for some reason. I've got anther lick lesson for everyone. this time a Steve SMith thing which is useful in so many contexts. I hope everyone likes it P.S if i've over spammed these...
  4. Dave_Major

    New video for ya'll

    Whats up gang, how's everyone doing? As some of you may know I've been doing videos for my local shop covering some of my favourite licks from some great drummer. Here's my latest offering! Hope you all dig it Dave
  5. Dave_Major

    Eric Harland vid - London Drum Show tie in....i promise!1

    Hey guys, got another video for ya'll. It's an Eric Harland thing that i've loved forever. If you have any feedback on anything in the video then please let me know. We are always looking to improve it. Hope you like Dave
  6. Dave_Major

    Mike Johnston Clinic - Edinburgh - 27th October - UPDATE

    Hey guys, just a quick update on this clinic! So turns out there are only 4 dates he is doing in the UK October 27th in Edinburgh 29th - Ireland 1st Nov - London (afternoon and evening show) Looks like the London shows are totally sold out or very close so if you have the chance to come...
  7. Dave_Major

    New Vinnie lesson

    Hi guys, second one of my videos for my local shop. this time showcasing a Vinnie groove. Lemme know what you think Dave
  8. Dave_Major

    Mike Johnston Clinic - Edinburgh - 27th October

    Hey guys and gals, if this is in the wrong room then admins please move it. Just wanted to let all of you know (dudes in the UK) that Mike Johnston is going to be doing some UK clinic dates at the end of October and his first stop is Edinburgh!!! Fricking AWESOME!! information and tickets are...
  9. Dave_Major

    New stuff and comments welcome.

    Hey gang, I said a while back I was working on some videos with folks and the first on launched today. Here is the video. I'd appreciate comments on everything and anything - playing, explanation, design, sound Thanks in advance D
  10. Dave_Major

    So this happened!!

    Finally got my first Drummer issue through the post and it is a massively surreal experience seeing my face in an actual magazine! Enjoy D
  11. Dave_Major

    Professional responsibility

    Morning gang, I couldn't think of a better title so it's not another pro rant!!! I'm filming videos for my local drum store to try and increase their web presence and also my own 'brand' for want of a better term. I'm doing it with 3 other teachers from the local area and sitting chatting to...
  12. Dave_Major

    New Drummer column - Help Required

    Hey guys, I'm now writing for UK magazine Drummer. My column is like the question section of the magazine and I need questions. If you have any drum, music, business, gig related questions then please get in touch and I'll answer them in the mag. Thanks Dave
  13. Dave_Major

    Karma - how i love thee!!

    Howdy gang, A month ago I discussed an issue i was having with a band I was working with - more specifically the drummer. here's the thread for nostalgia WhoIsTony said that karma would work it all...
  14. Dave_Major

    Bot of market research - Online lessons input required

    Hi guys and gals, I have the opportunity to be a part of a very exciting online lessons. Probably no different from ALL the others but there is a team behind the project and a very experienced guy at the top overseeing it, someone who you alot of you will probably know of and he has experience...
  15. Dave_Major

    The session guys!

    Hey gang, I'm running a 'Session Drummer Day' for budding drummers looking to work in a studio and get experience/tips etc. I'm currently writing up the workbook for it and am going to include a section on session drummers. I know there are thousands of guys who do great work but I wanted to...
  16. Dave_Major

    Chris Coleman Transcription

    Afternoon gang, Inspired by Adam Osmianski (spelling?) Eric Harland transcription here is something I've been sitting on for a while. It's not complete by any stretch as the whole solo is 6 minutes long but theres a good couple of mins there.
  17. Dave_Major

    Being different and showing people

    Peaks and troughs! Best way to describe being a freelance drummer. I have a lot more gigs than I ever have but teaching has dropped off which is annoying. I'm constantly looking for ways to increase my student numbers. Anyway, I attended a Craig Blundell masterclass on Sunday which I really...
  18. Dave_Major

    Taking back your gigs

    Morning gang, I'm not associated with any band at the moment but dep with as many as possible and with one band have had plenty of work of them over the ast few months and in the months coming up. I have had a selection of dates in the diary since February and if you are like me that means...
  19. Dave_Major

    How to practice songs with only the lead sheet

    Hey guys, Im just wondering how you guys would go about learning jazz/fusion tunes/forms and practising them if there are no playalongs/versions that are like what you play. Basically I have started a new band with the intention to massage our chops and also to get me playing some challenging...
  20. Dave_Major

    Time exercises help?

    Morning gang, I'm on a bit of a time focus in my practice for the next few months. I'm going to do one of the following each month. TIME EXERCISES EVERY DAY – ONE FOR WHOLE MONTH 1. CLICK ON UPBEATS ETC 2. CLICK ON 1 OF BAR 2/4/8 ETC 3. BARS OF REST 4. BURY THE CLICK RECORD AND CHECK I'm just...