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    Trying to decide which kit to sell

    What he said. Those Sonor Vintage are gold, both to play and to look at!
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    Yep :) my standard crash set up is 15" and 17" K Custom Dark crashes. Love them and never really felt like I need anything bigger!
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    Cajon purchase choice

    I played a Meinl cajon for about 2 years, and thought it sounded ok... That was before i made switch to a Pepote Jaleo cajon about 3 months ago. A cajon from a specialised cajon maker like Pepote is so much more quality, in both sound and construction. Mine is only the entry level model i think...
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    Songs About Fathers

    "Not all heroes wear capes" by Owl City. A very well-written positive song about dad :)
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    Puth Voicenotes live drummer

    Hi whos the guy drumming on charlie puth's voicenotes tour? loving his style M