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  1. Yoshinya

    Your least played snare(s)

    A PDP SX Natural Maple w/ Maple Hoops 5.5" x 14". It was on clearance at Best Buy (remember when they briefly were carrying musical instruments in some locations?) for $45. For that price, I couldn't pass it up because I thought, "I always wanted a wooden hooped snare, and it's all maple!"...
  2. Yoshinya

    Aquarian Heads Made In Mexico?

    Aquarian moved their production facilities down to Mexico back in late 2006/early 2007. Some will argue with me on this, but the first few batches of heads that came out of the Mexico facility were pretty sketchy (quality-wise), so I switched to Evans. A few friends of mine stuck with Aquarian...
  3. Yoshinya

    DSS floor tom suspension mount

    This is something that might be the biggest problem with the DSS Floor Tom mounts. For this kit, I have Gator/XL Protechtor Elite Air Cases and if I put the drum in the case upside down, without the leg mounts, it fits. The SKB Roto-Xs I have for one of my other kits, there's no way the drums...
  4. Yoshinya

    DSS floor tom suspension mount

    I've used them on my 14" and 16" Tama Starclassic Maple (formerly) suspended toms for approximately 11 years with little/no problems. One thing I did pretty quickly was replace the feet on the legs with Pearl's R40 Air Suspension Feet. The drum felt and resonated much better after doing so.
  5. Yoshinya

    Open Handed Playing

    Mike Bordin of Faith No More (and formerly Ozzy Osbourne) has always played open-handed. I think he was the first guy I ever saw play like this (via MTV, around 1990?) and it sort of blew my mind:
  6. Yoshinya

    Looking to make a stack that i feel in love with. What cymbal is the one under the ozone?

    To me, it looks like a 16" Sabian HH Duo Crash. Last I knew, these were no longer a catalog item and may require a special order. That being said, I would almost never use a pricier cymbal like that paired up with a budget one (like the cracked B8 Pro that's stacked on top of it).
  7. Yoshinya

    80’s hard rock snare choice

    I'll also throw another hat into the ring and suggest the Tama S.L.P. Big Black Steel. This video from Drum Center of Portsmouth, NH sold me on its value (but I'm a big Tama player anyway).
  8. Yoshinya

    Sabian HHX Complex and series revamp

    This video's been out since the 9th of September, but worth posting in this thread:
  9. Yoshinya

    Mystery Stick

    With that Sumo, length and the 5B-style tip, I'd be inclined to say it's the Shira Kashi Oak 747. Since Neil Peart played that model forever, Promark christened the Oak version the "Neil Peart Signature" model (the Hickory version does not carry his name at all). Despite what the copy says on...
  10. Yoshinya

    Sabian HHX Complex and series revamp

    That'd be kind of a misstep for Sabian, because once people figure that out, the sales of the HHX line (which has obviously has been a huge winner for Sabian over the years) might drop. That being said, it seems like Sabian is on this strange tear of not exactly caring what their customers...
  11. Yoshinya

    New Evans snare head - Heavyweight

    I guess they were probably waiting 'til NAMM to announce this, but Kenny Aronoff's artist page sorta let this one out of the bag: Looks like Evans' answer to the Remo Emperor X. I know I've...