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    Snare dampers

    Most drums were fitted with internal dampers many years ago, because there was only one type of head. Basically, a standard, coated Ambassador. Now, they are so many types of heads with built in muffling, there is really no need for them anymore. Gretsch is going "backwards" for nostalgia's...
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    20" Kick no power

    Totally agree with the Remo Powerstroke 3. I use coated PS3's front and back. Great volume, tone and just the right amount of damping. Try using no porthole as well. You need air movment with a bass drum that deep, so a complete (no port) front head will help that. I never "got" the whole...
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    Pearl Midtown vs Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

    Both are fine kits, but I also recommend the Stage Custom as well. They have multiple bass drum size kits (18"/20"/22") and you have more options. As good as the Midtown sounds, a 16" bass drum does have it's limitations and isn't as versatile as an 18" or certainly as a 20". There are plenty...
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    Mystery fitting

    Exactly! It's so you can mount it off your hi-hat stand, cymbal arm etc. if you don't want to put it on a snare stand. I know someone who mounts it on an L-Arm off of their bass drum using DW's claw hook clamp.
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    Has Ludwig solved the problem of the "feet" being too deep on the hoop? I was playing with an older one the other day, I had to keep backing it off away from the hoop before I clamped it down, otherwise the drive mechanism would scrape against the head. It seemed like it was barely clamped on...
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    I need a stick bag...suggestions, please?

    Do you want a large one that will hold a lot and you carry separately or do you want a smaller one that holds the basics and fits inside your hardware or cymbal bag? A lot will depend on how you use it carry it. For a compact one that's no frills but still works and looks good, go for the...
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    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    Greetings, I used to sell quite a bit of drum stuff on ebay. It's been a few years, but the reason I stopped was because that sellers virtually had no rights and were basically powerless to enforce ebay's rules. I had lots of problems with non-paying bidders. Ebay does nothing about that. I...
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    Another quarantine project

    Looks very nice! The hoops are worth twice what the kit is!
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    The most portable kit?

    That's not really a "kit". No toms. No shells, just plastic frames. I would look at the Odery Cafekit or the newly released Tama Club Jam Flyer. Odery: Tama:
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    10 China Cymbals Compared - Which Is Best For You?

    "10 China Cymbals We Love From Only Our Preferred Brands". I like these videos, but they never include Dream, Wuhan, Amedia or other brands. Seriously, how can you have a China Cymbal comparison video without a Wuhan? They are pretty much the gold standard for china cymbals.
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    I think Commander Ross is referring to something to prevent the bass drum from "creeping". If your pedal has Velcro or rubber on the bottom to prevent sliding, that helps. Another thing that helps is a rug, obviously. Some Rubbermaid shelf liner under your pedal and/or spurs can help too. If...
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    YAMAHA Snaredrum Power V and Power V Special

    I believe this was a joint venture between Yamaha and Premier (hence the "Made In England" notation). These are well built drums and I've always said the rack tom holder that came with these drums is the one thing I would want to have if a bar fight ever broke out. You could probably use it as...
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    Stage Custom Birch owners: do your shells have one badge or two?

    Mine have two on the rack and one on the floor/bass/snare. I think they put two on the rack toms (other companies do this too) because of differing configurations. If you play a 10/12 configuration and then suddenly want to change to an 8/10 configuration or use the 12 by itself, one badge is...
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    The fun sized demo!

    Very nice playing! Had a cool Stanton Moore vibe to it! Those drums sound great. They sound bigger than they are! I love the 12/14/20 configuration. You can cover virtually any gig with that. I like to use an 18" Bass drum a lot as well, tuned very low that is very punchy and decidedly not...
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    Regal Tip Having Production Issues and delayed order fulfillment

    I thought Joe recently passed? I think that's why they are having issues, the heirs/kids may not want to keep running the company.
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    Do you buy multiple sticks or more of the same pairs?

    If you like the Vic Firth Buddy Rich's stick, check out the Vater "West Side" Model. Exactly the same sticks, but without the white paint!
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    I don't understand the whole "Gospel Chops" thing. To me, when I hear the words "Gospel Chops" I think : -Play as ridiculously loud as possible (quadruple F and louder) -Play an unnecessary and completely over the top busy fill at quadruple forte (or louder) every 2.4 seconds -Never play more...
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    Drum shaming..

    It's all click bait. I avoid those videos. especially ones that have a thumbnail of a snare drum with a huge red circle and green arrows pointing at it that says "Stop doing this on your snare drum!!!!!!!!!!!!!". It's almost like reverse psychology. We're going to tell you what you shouldn't...
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    Zildjian Sticks...Quality and Consistency

    Remember that Vic Firth makes ALL of Zildjian's sticks and have for years, since they announced their merger (and probably even before then). I do find "duds" once in a while too, from all companies. Withe the high level of quality control, it shouldn't happen. If you contact the store or...
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    Regal Tip Having Production Issues and delayed order fulfillment

    I remember this being brought up a little while ago. I got this message from Drums On Sale (see attached). I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of Regal Tip. I really like their sticks.