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  1. Naigewron

    Meinl Cymbals?

    Been playing mostly Meinl since 2006, and I've never been disappointed with their stuff, apart from the really cheap lines (Classics, etc). The Byzance Traditional line is my personal favourite, but I've owned cymbals from Classics, Amun (discontinued), MB10, MB20, Soundcaster Custom, Byzance...
  2. Naigewron

    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    We actually did this (mostly) here in Norway. The prime minister handed over responsibilities for containment decisions to the public health department. Of course, the government will still have the final say, but so far it really looks like they're taking pretty much every advise that the...
  3. Naigewron

    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    This. Sadly, I don't think this will translate into any kind of increased awareness or readiness for important matters (climate change, disease prevention, etc). It may change some fairly big things on a political level, like healthcare policies, etc, but people in general will not change. Once...
  4. Naigewron

    What Are You Doing While Riding Out This Period Of Social Isolation?

    Schools and childcare/kindergartens are all closed, so I have less free time than ever. We're trying to keep our four-year-old entertained and mentally healthy, while also still trying to work as much as possible from our respective home offices. We'll split the workday 50/50, with one person...
  5. Naigewron

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    I didn't have any gigs lined up for the coming months, thankfully. Norway has pretty much closed down. All public gatherings (concerts, cinemas, theatres, etc) are prohibited, so all my friends who were currently touring or had gigs lined up have had the rug pulled out from under them...
  6. Naigewron

    Pic of yourself

    This is full scale (TMB-100), but yeah, they're really nice basses for very little money.
  7. Naigewron

    Musician uses algorithm to generate 'every melody that's ever existed and ever can exist'

    There isn't enough hard drive space in the universe to store every possible novel. The music generator used an extremely limited set of notes (a few dozen), while the English language contains an estimated 170.000 words. That makes the possible combinations add up *very* quickly. Add to that...
  8. Naigewron

    There's loads of mediocre rock cover bands, then there's-----

    I'd love to catch one of their gigs for sure; definitely a "best of" compilation of... well, classic rock :) They've had Pete Thorn with them on guitar for these past few months. Absolutely epic player, and a devoted disciple of Eddie Van Halen. He's also a tone chaser by rank, so he'll be...
  9. Naigewron

    How to become a DRUMMERWORLD DRUMMER?

    Whatever you do, don't add me. That would just break the site. Other than that, keep doing what you're doing - This page is awesome :)
  10. Naigewron

    Cymbals tilting, worn felts? (Update in OP)

    Felts get worn out; I just replace them when they get too out of shape. Alternatively, Mapex offers (or at least used to offer) rubber "felts" on a lot of their cymbal stands. These will probably be a lot more durable, and are probably sold separately.
  11. Naigewron

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    It belongs to another band who rents the space along with us. We all know each other well 😊 I've left my kit in shared rehearsal rooms all my life and never had a single issue. Sometimes I knew the other bands, sometimes I didn't. It's an extremely common arrangement around here
  12. Naigewron

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Moved in to a new rehearsal room this weekend. I've definitely had worse views than this
  13. Naigewron

    How to stop pedal hovering

    If your kick drum spurs/legs support it, try try lifting the front of your kick drum
  14. Naigewron

    What is one thing you HAVE to have on your kit?

    Apart from the obvious (sticks, throne, kick, snare, hihat, ride/crash), there's very little I absolutely need to have. I do struggle if I don't have at least one rack tom and one floor tom though - I'm definitely not cool enough to comfortably pull off the "no toms" kit.
  15. Naigewron

    Seat Height - You just never know

    I'm much more comfortable sitting fairly low (thighs parallell to the floor when my heel is on the ground), but as I'm getting older I find that it wears on my hips more and more. It's getting to the point where I'm probably going to have to raise my seat a bit soon - We'll see how that all...
  16. Naigewron

    Bermuda at His best.

    "There's a suitcase poking me in the ribs" indeed
  17. Naigewron

    Log In Not Secure?

    You're probably using http, not https.
  18. Naigewron

    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Yup. There are MIDI guitars (or just MIDI pickups) out there, which would be the equvalent of an electronic kit, but they've never taken off. That job is simply usually better suited to keyboards and synths. Let each instrument do what it does best. Not saying e-kits don't have their place...
  19. Naigewron

    Pic of yourself

    We're recording a new album this summer, and I get to play bass on three of the songs (we have a couple of guest players handling the low-end on the other songs). Love it!
  20. Naigewron

    New Forum at a standstill?????

    It's also the middle of summer in a lot of the world - People are on holiday and just generally enjoying themselves outside or elsewhere.