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    Premier Snare Info

    Hi guys, Can anyone ID what era the snare I have is from? As far as I know, it's the 1036 (10 lug, chromed steel). It's 14"x7". This is not my site, but the badge, lugs and throwoff are the same as the 1026 on this page: Any info on the drum would...
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    Injury & Advice

    Hey everyone, So I'll cut to the chase.. I recently tore my rotator cuff, and I have to say that it really sucks! I won't get into how, but it's definitely limiting my movement a lot. Anyways, it's my right arm, so I figure that a) I'll need to find a girlfriend ;), and b) it's the perfect...
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    Metal Snare

    Hi, I'm possibly buying a 10-20 year old Premier chrome snare soon.. The problem is that it is basically the same dimensions as my current (wood) snare. I haven't had much experience with metal snares, so I'm wondering exactly how much the sounds will differ?
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    China Help

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a trashy cymbal for my set up, but am having trouble finding exactly what I want. I used to have an 18" Wuhan, but I've shrunk my set since then, to a point where the Wuhan just didn't fit anymore. I'm looking for a dark, slightly trashy cymbal with a quick...
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    Platinum Splash

    How much would everyone here value an 8" platinum splash? ie. the ones from the early 90's that Zildjian made. Let's say near-mint condition in USD?