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    Just saw Birdman, would watch again for the drums by Antonio Sanchez!

    Anyone else seen this movie yet? I only mention it because almost the entire score is simply free-sounding drums by Antonio Sanchez, and I was mesmerized by his playing. Here's a ling to the soundtrack: Great movie, too.
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    How do I get this weird sound? Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer"

    I'm playing drums for a one-off Simon and Garfunkel tribute show next month, and I'm trying to get the sounds as close as possible to the recordings. One problem I've come across is the sort of gunshot-type sound in "The Boxer." Here's a link to the version I'm referring to; the sound first...
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    Stolen Drums, a long, frustrating story

    This is still hard to recount, but here goes… Last week my brand new C&C drums were stolen. I left them in my van at work while I carpooled to rehearsal, and when I got back three hours later a window was smashed and my 12" and 14" toms were gone. Nothing else was stolen, including the bass...
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    Just got my new C&C kit!

    After I had to do last minute repairs on my '67 Ludwig kit the morning I was going into the studio, I realized that I needed a new kit. Months later, and after toying with lots of options (custom, cheap cheap used, building a stave kit, etc.) I finally decided on this C&C kit. The sizes were...
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    Touring on the other coast this summer; any suggestions would be appreciated!

    So my band is booked for a festival in Washington in August, across the country from Maine where I live, and we are planning to build a tour around it now. We'll probably start in LA and work our way up the coast. I've never planned such a serious tour, and I'm not sure where to even begin. I...
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    Any ingenious solutions for cymbal storage?

    My cymbal buying has really taken off as of late and I'm looking to make some kind of cymbal rack or box to keep my cymbals, and thereby my practice space, more organized. Ideally it would be: - Simple and cheap to build - Allow quick access to the cymbals - Not put any unnecessary stress on the...
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    Replacing Bass Drum Hoop

    Hi all! My bass drum hoop started to split quite a while ago, and it's now gone all the way through. I would just leave it, but in low volume settings I'm starting to be able to hear it click or crack a little and it is really annoying so I'd really like to get this taken care of. The drum is...