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    Pearl BCX vs MCX or maple in general

    I located a great deal on a Pearl BCX kit in the sizes I actually like. The only issue is I've never played a BCX and I've been a pearl guy all my life. I've had VBX, MMX, MRX, MCX, and MCT. The VBX was dryer with less body. I asked the guy what the difference between the BCX and MCX was and he...
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    Round Over Bearing Edges

    I found this really cool clip on youtube today and it really opened my eyes to modern drum manufacturing in terms of bearing edges: I think this is why I have always loved the sound of round over bearing edges on drums more so than sharp edges. Less plastic head attack sound and a lower...
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    Tama Superstar Drums (vintage original line)

    I have never played a set of these myself but every single recording I hear they have this beautiful low fundamental and thuddy focused sound. I'm especially interested in the superstar's pre-1984/5 that have the big round over bearding edges. What I don't get though is how such a thick birch...
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    The Build Structure of Low Tuning Drums

    I enjoy low notes out of drums. I was forever wrestling with a Pearl MCX for years before I knew anything about drums and I could never tune them low enough. I later learned the 7.5mm maple shell with die-cast hoops some how created drums that some how favored a higher tuning, opposite of what I...
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    How Is This Drum Sound Achieved? (Ludwig CM)

    Is this drum sound in this video a signature "Ludwig Classic Maple" sound or is it mostly heads and tuning? I love how open, big, round, yet punchy it is.
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    Yamaha Maple Custom & Absolute

    I heard clips of these and have found some great deals on them recently. They sound very very full, rich, warm, resonant, and deep/low in tone. Basically they sound awesome or at least what I think makes drums sound awesome. I’m curious though for those with experience with these, what are the...
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    Help Choosing The Appropriate Drum Set

    I am looking for some guidance in picking the right drum set for the sound I’m looking for. Some background info: I play metal and hard rock. I like a full round tone, low fundamental notes, warm attack not sharp, plenty of projection for projection without mics. I’ve been considering oak as it...
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    Could these drums sound any more perfect? (Gretsch) I’ve never heard drums sound so good. Apparently these are Gretsch Broadcasters. This is how I feel like drums should I don’t know how these drums sound like this even with room mics alone...
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    Tama Artstar II/Custom vs Starclassic Maple

    I’m wondering what the difference in sound characteristics there are between these two lines of maple Tama drums?? As far as I know: Artstar II/Customs: 9mm maple bass drums and 7mm toms Starclassic Maples: 7mm maple bass drums and 5mm toms All I can GUESS is that artstar II/customs...