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    Beato Deluxe vs Mono Cymbal Bag Backpack

    Hi guys, Need to replace my cymbalbag after 10 years. Almost bought the Mono Bag, light, compact but expensive. Now I discovered Fred Beato who makes custom bags, the problem is that I can not test them anywhere. It looks like a super bag, but I'm only concerned about 2 things: 1.What about...
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    Fiberskyn or Vintage A

    Well, I want to put up something else on my snaredrum....just to try something else. Now I use ambassador heads. So, I'm doubting Fiberskyn or Vintage A.....I don't have any experience with any of those pro's contras? What would you choose?
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    Remo A Vintage

    I was wondering who has tried the remo A vintage head on his/her snare. Any oppinions? I'm a ambassador user, but was thinking to try this on one of my snares. Any experience? Comment?
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    Coated or Clear Ambassador?

    Ok. Here is a difficult question. I'm doubting what heads to use: clear or coated ambassadors. I have a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drum 10,12,14(floor) and have now clear ambassadors. The heads sound great, but still I wonder, maybe I should put coated ambassadors. I like my drum to be open...
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    Single or Double Braced?

    Hi all I want to buy a new boomstand from Yamaha, and am doubting between the single braced and double braced. I'm currently using a very old single braced yamaha stand and that works fine for me.....but I don't know how the new ones are. So....please tell me your experience......considering...