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    My bands first release!

    Hey guys was hoping you could do me a favor and check out my bands first's just a demo,so it's not perfect. Let me know what you think!
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    iron cobra

    Sorry guys, I'm sure this has been asked before. Can someone explain the difference between the rolling glide and power glide? Thanks in advance!
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    double ply

    Hey guys. The time has come for new heads. Currently my remo emperors last 3 months or so before they lose their tone. I thinking of switching to Evans g2 over g1s or g1 top and bottom. What i am wondering is if single ply heads will last half the time of double ply, because if that is the case...
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    Emad vs powerstroke pro vs superkick

    Hey guys what pre-muffled head do you think is the best?
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    emperor vs vintage

    Hi guys. Tomorrow im going to be replacing the heads on my mapex saturn. I cant decide bbetween remo emperors or emperor vintage heads. I mostly play metal and love nice deep toms. The vintage are a mil thicker will this change the sound and durability greatly or only a little bit? For my snare...
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    aquarian cymbal springs

    Well i just broke my holy china.... Would these help?
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    quick question

    Hello. I bought a mapex saturn and love everything about it. The only thing i was wondering is if the remo emperors and ambassadors are made the same for mapex as they are regularily. They seem to be wearimg out rather quickly. Thanks in advance
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    new pedals.

    So two months ago i bought a demon drive double. They felt amazing at first. Last night i was playing and a clicking was coming from both pedals. Ive seen this online so right away i talked to my dad and cousin ( who is a machinist). Turns out there was play in the direcyr link and the bearings...
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    new drum thoughts.

    Im thinking of buying a new kit in a month or so. Currently i can get a double bass mapex saturn with hardware for 3200. My other option is a crush sublime maple. They seem to be similar but a better price. What do u huys think.
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    need some opinions

    So i went to long and mquade today to show my dad the mapex falcons that are on sale. He thought they were nice but then he started looking around. He looked at axis and demon drives. So heres my question which pedals do u suggest? Axis a long board doubles pearl demon drive doubles or mapex...
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    Is this bad?

    So i got a pearl vision vx for christmas. I was playing aroung today and i noticed that there are some tiny whole in the ply. I would upload a pic but i cant seem too lol. Anyway woyld love too know
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    mapex falcon vs trick dominator

    Hey guys. So I have narrowed my pedal choices down to the falcons and the dominators. Was just wondering how they compared. I really likr the falcons because of the options and the case but trick pedals look amazing so would love some opinions. Thanks.