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    Tom Tom crew in Sydney, Australia.

    With apologies to the majority this does not apply to: GO SEE THE TOM TOM CREW AT THE OPERA HOUSE! This an amazing hours worth of entertainment as part of the Sydney Festival. A drummer, a dj, a beat box boy and four acrobats. The drummer is fantastic with amazingly quick hands. He plays a...
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    Hi Hat opening and closing

    Esteemed members of this august institution, I wonder if I may partake of your collected wisdom. Playing now for but a short space of time some six months, and take weekly lessons, I have encountered a problem regarding playing the open hi hat along with a bass note. Consider 1-&-2-&-3-&-4-&...
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    4way independence.

    Hi all. I'm a novice drummer, and a left hander to boot. After crashing about now for about 4 months, I have managed to hang together a few basic rock beats, that even has my wife beating her feet and dancing around her painting easel!!! (Sorry, I'm not bragging, just pleased as punch!!!) My...