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    Help Needed!!! Beginner Drummer Here!!!

    In a few weeks I’ll be doing a lot of plane travels, due to work reasons. I won’t stay too much time at one place and I’m sure that will not help my development as a drummer at all. So, I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way of still learning. Since I’m a beginner I need to have well...
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    Need Help!! Shuffle Songs

    Hey everyone, again me, a newbie, bothering you with my silly questions. So, the thing is that I'm starting to learn some styles and in that purpose I'm getting a repertoire of songs together, I burn a cd with the style songs from slow to fast and easy to hard. Now it's shuffle time, and I want...
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    Absolute Beginner Question

    Hey everybody, I'm a complete beginner and started to learn drums about 3 months ago. I'm on my way of practicing, (almost 2 hr per day) but I'm having an issue when I practice finger control: Once I isolate my fingers and start practicing each one of them, I feel a burning sensation on my palm...