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    Is this worthy of buying?...

    and please don't laugh if it's not "/ Cannon DP921FB
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    Mapex Orion Help!!

    I am removing the tom mount from the bass drum that slides on rods and noticed the lug is smaller on the front than in the back. How do I remove the rod that connects both lugs so I can install a taller lug?
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    WTB Mapex Orion maple 5-6pc

    First, if I am in the wrong thread then I apologize. I saw a set in Atlanta but was a day late. I love the one on youtube and that is what I am looking for. Thanks!
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    Band needs a place to stay in California...

    My son Taylor, the drummer in the band "Come On Go With Us" (, and the rest of the band will be in California from Feb 2 to the 11th. If anyone one of you guys in the area of Long Beach, Hunington Beach, LA, and San Fran can help out, please give me a call. They are a great...
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    Anyone seen my sons' band?... Jan 26 2010 10:00P BURT’S TIKI LOUNGE Albuquerque, New Mexico Jan 28 2010 10:00P DOUBLE DOWN SALOON Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 29 2010 10:00P THE ROGUE BAR Scottsdale, Arizona Jan 30 2010 10:00P FLAGSTAFF BREWING COMPANY Flagstaff, Arizona Jan 31 2010 10:00P THE BLUE CAFE...