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  1. soham2rescue

    snare head combo for rudimentary playing.

    i want to make my snare drum sound sweet for rudimentary playing. i presently have a tama swingstars 14x4.5 mahagony snare. i know it isnt a high end snare drum. still.. need to get the sweetest out of it. i admire chad smith's snare with remo CS coated on it. unfortunately i have no remo...
  2. soham2rescue

    actual v/s mic'ed sound.

    well.. i am into a session of tuning my drums.. since last 6 months :P.. experimenting things.. learning lots!! i wonder can people tell me. how much difference in tom and bass drum sound is experienced.. when herd by audience ..with and without drum mics? because.. i believe i have been...
  3. soham2rescue

    emo. block.! help.!

    i am learning drums since 2 years.. got my kit a year ago. after 2 months later i got my kit.. my neighbors had launched a police complains against me because of the noise i make. my parents felt insulted.. they were very angry on me. since that day.. i used to damp my drumkit a lot.. never...
  4. soham2rescue

    gospel drumming tutorial DVD

    any of you guys could suggest me for a best DVD that teaches you the gospel drummers' kinda licks n grooves? thx
  5. soham2rescue


    is sound proofing always 100%? and well.. if so. what kind of sound proofing is it'?
  6. soham2rescue

    share your drumming hard times

    this is a post i decided to start. so that i could console my heart to stand firm, have some belief in your own luck, and move on. i am sure. all you drummers out there much have gone through many big/small hurdles through your drumming career. my career has just started. its just almost about...
  7. soham2rescue

    my country india won the cricket worldcup !!!

    my country india won the cricket worldcup !!!.. after 29years.!!! yippiee.!!!
  8. soham2rescue

    DVDs that teaches moves

    till now.. i have purchased about half a dozen of drumming instructional DVDs.. like.. the secret weapon for modern drummer - jojo mayer. or those from the series of rock drumming system - jared falk n a few more. well.. i saw that these books mostly go through either the basics.. or the...
  9. soham2rescue

    can this be used to connect triggers?

    one of my guitarists friend uses this convertor connector to connect his guitar to the laptop.. it is suppose to be plugged in the mic port of the laptop. i wonder can i also connect my only bass drum trigger to the laptop in the same way and use a relavent software to mould the sound of the...
  10. soham2rescue

    drum beats and grooves

    can anyone tell me about any such site where we get new and awesome drum grooves and betas. or a place where people share their grooves.. such that we could fetch some stuff from there and implement it into our playing? thankyou
  11. soham2rescue

    question for all drummers

    what do u do when u feel that.. due to practical reasons.. you have been already trying since long( 1year).. no matter how much you try.. but you are not able to practically peruse your drumming... even when you know thats the only thing you like from the bottom of your heart. :( please reply.
  12. soham2rescue

    reshape rim?

    well.. long back i had problem of the remo O ring not fitting the floor tom. 16" i tried 3 different new rings.. still same error.. but these rings seem to be fitting upon the reso rim a bit slightly.. so i suppose there is an error in the shape of the rim.. it must not be a perfect circle...
  13. soham2rescue

    after 11 months of hunt...

    a wish for 2nd bass drum flashed in my heart about 11months back.. since then.... trying to earn,... and make sumone get me the stuff... i finally got my 2nd bass drum tonight... !!
  14. soham2rescue

    O rrings dont fit FLOOR TOM.!

    i have a 16" tama swingstar floor tom. i tried the remo O rings as well as evans E rings.. they dont fit.. !!!!!!! the ring gets lifted up a bit on the curvature as if. its a fraction of inch bigger than the rim edge.. any solutions?
  15. soham2rescue

    tom sound gets flat.!

    i am talking about TAMA SWINGSTAR toms 12 13" with evans ec2 coated on batter and the factory tama batter heads used as reso. i use remo O-rings too.. and a small piece of clay on the reso heads to reduce the sustain. its like.. u play a fast roll or a flam. or any consecutive fast hits...
  16. soham2rescue

    drummers hairstyles

    this sounds fun for the first time in my life. i have grown my hair more than 1cm. :P so excited to make a good style out of it,. since i am bearing the tangled hair since last 5 months so.. jus for the cause. what hair styles do u all drummers have out there.. images would be appreciated.
  17. soham2rescue

    suggestions plz.!

    i red a loads of drum tuning pages and articles.. still hey couldnt satisfy me.. actually.. i want to get rid of tone control rings.. still get a fat and low ringing sound.. like all the awesome ddrummers have. i use tama swingstars evans ec2 coated on batter factory swingstar tama batter...
  18. soham2rescue

    what do u think is necessary

    what do u think is necessary to be a good drummer musician : 1. best tutor 2. freedom of sound 3. best band 4. best equipment :(
  19. soham2rescue

    tom "slack" sound..! help.!

    i have purchased evans ec2 coated on my swingstars tom 12" and 13" i use remo O-rings too. the thing is.. i tuned the heads to the perfect sound i desire for., even O-rings helped me to get rid of ringings. but when i play quick strokes on toms.. like.. imagine u playing a flam on the 12"...
  20. soham2rescue

    swingstars v/s rockstars

    my drum tutor owns a tama rockstar dx and i own a swingstar but i realized sumthing relly oosom SWINGSTARS + SOME BEARING EDGES TREATEMENT + EVANS EC2 SST COATED + REMO CONTROLLED SOUND COATED + EVANS EMAD + A RUG AND A PILLOW + REMO O-RINGS + MOONGEL + SOME MODELLING CLAY ON RESO + 4 HRS OF...