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    My Band needs a new name so another band copyrighted my bands current name (they technically had it first but whatever) lol we are playing a show on Halloween and need a band name by Wednesday so the owner of the venue can make the flyers any help would b appreciated
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    stand that holds 3 cymbals

    excuse me if its already been asked i tried searching the forums i figured it would have been but... i am looking to upgrade my kit and have as few stands as possible so do u think a dw 9702 or a dw 9799 would b able to hold 3 full size cymbals...
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    "mini tour" this past weekend

    so i hail from toledo Ohio and my band had an invite to the st valentines day massacre weekend in vanburen and lima OH had a blast lots of great bands and great parties but holy crap! the show in lima had a hard floor and i didnt bring my carpet NIGHTMARE but it was cool jst somthn to add to...
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    max speed on a double pedal

    so i used to think that there is a point where one would need a better pedal to acheive a faster bpm until the other day im playing a p122tw defiantly not the greatest dp in the world there is worse but it is kind of a crappy pedal it creaks and squeaks and the slave sucks and not increadably...
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    pressure build up in bass drum???

    i tryed searching the history so forgive me if its already been posted but... yesterday my band had a show and a drummer from another band said i should use triggers because bass drums have air build up in them and when the build up gets great enough it all exits at once and makes a very loud...
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    suffocation blast

    so im in a band and theres a song that we play where i use a suffocation blast for four bars somewhere around 195 bpm but anyways its weird bc i can easily do a traditional blast at this speed or any kind of blast but for some reason i have a hell of a time playing the suffocation blast up to...
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    my first time on stage

    well last night was my first time on stage and it was like a nightmare come true in my defense i would like to say i had two days(total of 8hrs of practice) to learn nine original songs that have constant changes in feel and tempo I admit i was a little nervous and i didnt expect perfection...
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    wood sheding: when is it to much

    hey everyone i have a question ive been on my practice pad and bass practice for bout a week now b/c to make a long story short im way out of practice and ive got some catching up to do so everyday i do some work out of stick control, rudiments, and speed exercises all done with a metronome...
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    head selection for extreme metal

    hey i have a pdp fs birch kit and i was going to change my heads soon i have recently gottn into extreme metal (e.g. beneath the massacre, necrophagest, braindrill, etc.) so of course i will be using alot of blast beats. through much internet research it appears that i will be needing as much...