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  1. MisterMixelpix

    Sonor Force 3007's

    Might as well. CYMBALS: - Sabian 14" AA Metal-X Hats - Sabian 18" AAXplosion Fast Crash - Sabian 18" AA Metal-X Crash - Sabian 16" APX O-Zone Crash - Sabian 21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride - Sabian 18" AA Metal-X China - Wuhan 16" China - SOON, a 12" APX Splash KIT: Sonor Force 3007, 10/12/14/16 toms...
  2. MisterMixelpix

    Trading up, need help! Sonor / Tama

    So I've got a set of Tama Superstars, 12/13/16 toms fairly deep, and I'm ready to make a change. Simply put, I don't like the deep toms, and I'm tired of the 12/13 pairing. Over at Dale's I can get two kits for a good price. Both are 10/12/14/16, I just can't pick. I'm a heavy metal player, so...
  3. MisterMixelpix

    The Sabian armada is forming...

    From left to right: 1) Wuhan China (yeah, not Sabian, but hey) 2) 14" AA Metal-X Hats 3) 18" AAXplosion Fast Crash 4) 15" AAXplosion Crash 5) 18" AA Metal-X Crash 6) 20" AA Metal-X Ride 7) 18" AAX Metal Crash 8) 18" AA Metal-X China Front view!
  4. MisterMixelpix

    Different woods? (Tama Starclassics, specifically)

    So I'm a metal drummer. I like my drums to have a lot of punch, a lot of depth, but not hang around too long. Power is the big word. I tune somewhat low. I absolutely love my Superstars, but hey. I love upgrading and building and whatnot, so this means EVENTUALLY I'll be getting some...
  5. MisterMixelpix

    My setup is (nearly) COMPLETE.

    You heard me. Complete. The only thing left is to add a left side China. Tama Superstar 5pc, Evans Onyx heads with G1 clears on the reso, Onyx on REMAD for the kick. Tama Metalworks 13x6.5 engraved snare, Evans Reverse Dot batter with Hazy 300 snare side head. Gibraltar 3-wing stand Tama IC...
  6. MisterMixelpix

    Sabian Xcellerator Hats, anyone got 'em?

    I love the sound of 'em from the videos I've seen on the YouTubes, but that can only tell me so much. I've got some near mint 14" sets going for $200 that I'd REALLY like to buy, but I'm on the fence. ?
  7. MisterMixelpix

    From Paiste to Sabian...

    Okay, I bought some Paiste Alpha cymbals, and I love 'em, but I took advantage of Sabian's sale on the AAX's and... wow. Holy crap. I am in AWE of these things. So I'm slowly, oh so slowly, migrating from the Alphas to AAX's. But first, the setup as it is now: As you can see, I have an 18"...
  8. MisterMixelpix

    Bought some Iron Cobras! Sorta.

    Bought some Iron Cobras! Well, I don't have 'em yet, but a dude in my area has some mint condition Power Glide doubles with the Cobra coil that I'm buying for a slim 200 bones. I'm SHOCKED at the condition they're in. Look at these bad boys. I get paid on the 1st, so that's when I'm...
  9. MisterMixelpix

    So what's our favorite DD double pedal?

    I'm still leaning towards saving up for a direct drive pedal, and it's a little on the difficult side deciding which to try out. I've only toyed with the Pearl Demon and I wasn't exactly in love with it, but I'm willing to admit this may have been partly my problem. Now the list that I'm working...
  10. MisterMixelpix

    Just got my Tamas!!

  11. MisterMixelpix

    Snare for heavy metal, Black Magic? Others?

    Okay, at the moment I have a Ludwig Acrolite with an Aquarian Hi-Energy head that I'm in love with. That said, I'm thinking of swapping out for something more high-end and selling the Acro for it. I'm a metalhead, so I want something with a lot of attack, not so much sustain, with a sharp crack...
  12. MisterMixelpix

    Two ports on the kick?

    I've been seeing a LOT of this lately. What's the advantage?
  13. MisterMixelpix

    Adding toms, finding stuff that matches?

    Okay, so, I've put cash down on my Tama Superstars. Problem: it's a 5pc and I really like having a 6pc. So I'm trying to find either a 10" rack tom or a 14" floor tom, but... you can't get those sizes in Tama lines from MF or GC! The heck do I do now?
  14. MisterMixelpix

    Another cover of Mixel's: Overkill - 80 Cycles

    Recorded with a Zoom H2.
  15. MisterMixelpix

    Transformation complete. Mostly.

    The beginning. Pulse 6pc with the ZBT rock pack and Evans/Attack heads. The finished product. Same setup, with Paiste Alpha 20" ride, 18" crash, 14" hats, plus an AAXplosion 18" fast crash and a Wuhan 16", Aquarian heads all around. Now I just need to replace the pedal, get a drum rack, and...
  16. MisterMixelpix

    Sabian cymbal sale: buy one, get an AAXplosion 15" crash free I'm thinking of getting an AAX 18" stage crash to pair with my 18" Paiste Alpha medium, and then use the 15" for accents. But it's tempting to get a 16" or a 17" for variation.
  17. MisterMixelpix

    A cover of my own: Offspring - Hammerhead

    Not phenomenal, but I think it works. Next up, a song that actually uses double bass...
  18. MisterMixelpix

    Anyone tried the Gibraltar Intruders?

    Looking at snagging a set of these. They're $230 on eBay and seem to be the only DD pedals aside from Axis or Tricks (or old Flying Dragons if you can find them), so I'm tempted to try them out. Yeah I'd like a set of Axis longboards, but... I just ain't dropping that kinda cash.
  19. MisterMixelpix

    Celebrating three weeks of drumming: Hangar 18 Not sure. Seem okay?
  20. MisterMixelpix

    Budget recording equipment?

    Just what it says. I'd like to set up a recording studio in my attic with price in mind. What would be a good idea?