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    22" Bass Drum with no volume

    Hello Gentleman, I've got an 25 years old Pearl drum-kit. Resently, I've had them re-coated (Jammin Sam's wrap). But there's only very little volume in the bass-drum. Damn, that's annoying! There's only at small Evans EQ-Pad inside the bass-drum, and I've tried so many different heads now...
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    Ludwig Supraphonic. Snare system!!!

    Hello Gentlemen! I have purchased a used Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum, at eBay. Great drum. However, I'm a bit disapointed about the snare-system. It keeps un-tightening it self, and the through-off arm is sticking up, so you can actually hit it with the stick... so it throughs off completely...
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    Remo vs Evans?

    Gentlemen! What's the difference between Remo vs Evans? NOT: which do you prefer... BUT: what is your experiences about the DIFFERENCES between the two brands (comparing equal heads with the same thickness and coating). Where I live, Evans is a more expensive head. And I once heard, that...